Sunday Roundup

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Usually Saturday is spent running errands, but Sunday is just a day of relaxation. This past week has been a somewhat productive week. Every few months I like to rearrange our furniture. Our current rental is laid out in a way that furniture really only has one way it to fit into a room with a few exceptions – our bedroom being one of those. We moved around some furniture which I think makes more of our bedroom space usable. Case in point – I have moved a tabled into the bay window space for sewing and writing. It is a beautiful view, and it is finally nice to have a set up that takes advantage of it.

This week I’ve also discovered the CW television show Reign. Sure it’s a little emo for me but it’s fun and entertaining. Since I’m giving this writing thing a real try, I find inspiration everywhere. Being most interested in fantasy and history writing, Reign is perfect since it is based on history all the while exercising their creative license. Other TV watching included the season premiere of The Walking Dead. It was an awesome premiere. Usually premieres will wrap up the finale and then start setting up the next season – so it’s usually slow until about mid-season – which is what I had expected from the show since last season was a lot of talking.

My daughter and I have started a shared The Sims 4 household. It’s something she’s been wanting to do for a few weeks. She is planning to kill off her character so she can have a ghost. She watches a lot (probably more than she should) You Tube and is interested in trying it out. She is growing up. I remember a day not too long ago when she would have never dreamed of killing a Sim character because she would be too attached to it.

Other than that it’s been the same ole same ole. We are getting ready for Halloween, and I’ve been crocheting some gnomes to give out to trick or treaters. I will probably post more about that over at

I’m taking part in NANOWRIMO this year and have a good idea for a story. I’ve been busy getting to know my characters and probably will begin outlining this week. I tried doing camp NANO this summer but ran out of steam only a few thousands words in. So for this attempt I plan on being more prepared – part of the reason I wanted to set up a work space in our bedroom. Now if I can just find a good amount of time that will be uninterrupted I might can get some serious word count happening.

One less blog..

There can be only one..or three in this case..

The moniker war is over and Raesmom was triumphant over Geeky Housewife. After the long fought battle that raged for weeks (ok more like an hour) in my mind, Raesmom just makes more sense. I am no longer a housewife. *sniff* I’m still the wife part but I have a full-time job outside of the home and will be employed for – regrettably – for some time. I will always be Rae’s mom, so it makes sense to go with the name that I love so very, very much.

All of the Housewife posts are here and I do plan to continue offering household tips, but there will be a wide mix of blog fodder here as well.

So now I will only have three blogs – – eclectic – crafty – funny (hopefully)

Atomic Clock

Atomic Clock
Atomic Clock

One of the most useful gifts we have received is an atomic clock. We have had it for years. It is said that atomic clocks are the most accurate time pieces, so when it the clock starts losing time, I checked the batteries thinking this was the issue. So I changed the batteries and then waited for the clock to update since it receives electrical transmissions from somewhere magical ( I think Denver?) to set the time. This never happened so I set it myself.

I thought it strange I would have to set the time on an atomic clock that receives the ‘time’ (really it’s not the time but pulses or something like that..I could Google it but it’s not important to this story). But for a while we lived in an area that the clock seldom received the signal and would have to set the time ourselves.

After a little Googling of the issue (this I DID Google) I reset my clock and it picked up the time. The key for it to keep receiving the time is the little antenna icon displayed in the time. When you set the time manually, that little antenna disappears and the on-so-accurate time. So now I just let it set the time and not set it myself.

Game of Thrones References

Like millions of other around the globe, I enjoy ‘Game of Thrones.’ I watched the first season and then started reading the books. I am reading in tandem the latest two – A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. I even started a blog on GoT but didn’t post that much on it. Every few months I have an idea for a GoT post, so I will just add them to this blog that is much like ‘Seinfeld’ in that there really isn’t a premise.

For a while I was keep tracking of GoT references in other TV shows. At first there would be one every once in a while. Now it seems to be the thing to do. Most of the shows I watch that are set in the current time in history have mentioned GoT.

I am currently binge watching ‘Game of Thrones’ and am on season five. Ben(Adam Scott) is a fan of GoT. Leslie(Amy Poehler) makes a unity quilt that features their favorite things. For Ben, it’s a calculator with a heart on the display(he’s an accountant) and the Game of Thrones logo. It seems I remember another GoT reference but can’t remember it. I may Google it later if I remember, but I don’t want to spoil anything I haven’t seen yet.

It makes me happy that a show/book series I love is so freaking popular.

Book Signings

One of my goals for 2014 is to read faster. There are so many books I want to read but I am such a slow reader. Also I am branching out and reading books outside of my regular genre. When my husband mentioned an author book signing he wanted to attend, I wanted to go since I was interested in reading this author’s works.

Patrick Rothfuss was signing books at a local bookstore. It was sort of an impromptu signing so I thought there might not be a crowd. Oh how naive I was! His fans love him and will drive hours to see him. From that experience, I gained a lot of wisdom on how to handle the next book signing event.

Arrive Early. Some of you may have laughed at that but others may be like me and believe that if you arrive 45 minutes before an event, you should be OK. We had arrived within the vicinity of the bookstore about 90 minutes before the event but fiddled around since we didn’t want to be too early. Little did we know that when you bought your book to be signed you got a ticket. The bookstore had been passing out tickets since 9 a.m. The tickets were color-coded, so those people who got the first color got to stand in line first. My husband was in the group that was second to last. We left the bookstore at 11 p.m. with the line still going strong. Patrick Rothfuss became my hero that night when he promised to stay as long as it took to sign everyone’s books – all four hundred attendees. Many had multiple books and some even had special requests like playing their guitar for him.

Bring snacks and water. If only we had some water and snacks, our four hour wait would have been so much easier.

Charge those electronics. Make sure your phone or tablet has a decent charge. You will probably spend a lot of time staring at it – maybe even tweeting about your experience.

The book signing was a good experience. Normally I am not one for autographs but there is something about author signings. Maybe it’s having a connection with your favorite author even if it is only for a couple of minutes. Next time I will know what to expect and will be prepared for the long haul.

Home Delivered Food

Last night our neighbor friends invited us over for dinner. They cooked a meal they had bought from a service that delivers all the ingredients and recipe to your door. I would describe the dish as strawberry bread pudding. I was surprised by two things: bread pudding being served as a main entree and that I really enjoyed it as bread pudding is not something I normally eat.

There is a part of me that loves this idea of food dishes delivered to your door that you then cook at your leisure. Then the other part of me feels so guilty for evening considering this since it makes me feel very lazy housewife. Still it would be nice to have someone else take care of the planning of a meal even if I have to cook it. Cooking is the fun part. It’s the shopping part that is a downer.

My neighbor loves this service which makes me seriously want to try it out. I am thinking about either or Has anyone else used a food delivery service and what has been your experience?

Gen Con Family Guide – Kids Events

This year we attended Gen Con for the first time. We took our 8-year-old daughter and even though we had read it was a kid-friendly con, we were unsure of what to expect. By day two, our daughter was making plans to attend Gen Con next year.

This guide to Gen Con is for families – those who are looking to bring their kids for the first time. There is so much to do. Let’s begin with kids events.

Kid Events

Kids under the age of nine do not need a badge. You will have to get them a wristband that will have a phone number to call should the child get lost. Kids without a badge are limited to what events they can attend. Events listed with a kids ID (beginning with KID) are available.

We attended a few Kids events. Here is a list with a brief review of each:

How to make a mask – Kids build a paper mache mask and then decorate it. This was a really cool event that was much more involved than I had expected.

Story Time with Mother Geek – The Surreal Mother Geek read her Mother Goose inspired tale that teaches kids about geeky culture. Cute story and very enjoyable. You can get the book on Amazon.

Make your own cape – Kids were given a piece of material and supplies to decorate as they saw fit. This one was disappointing to me as I would have expected a fleece material instead of the nylon material that you see with cheap costumes. It wasn’t that bad though. My daughter enjoyed it making the cape. They did provide paper to place over the design so you could carry it around while the cape dried if paint or glue was used. Some of the paper dried to the cape and was very difficult to remove.

Game Fun – Kids created their own board game. My daughter created one that we played at the con and at the hotel.

Shadow Puppets – This was one of two puppet events we attended. Kids were given some objects to cut out and put together with brads. One object was a dragon. They used those cutouts to cast shadows.

Writing with kids – This was a family writing workshop that was fun but not really what I was expecting. This event was at 9am which might have been a little early for our late sleeper. We were all given a sheet a paper and then had to write a sentence about a picture. Then we took the sheet of paper, crumpled it up, and threw it into the middle of the floor. Then we picked up a sheet of paper and continued the story started by someone else. We repeated this for a few rounds and then shared the stories. It was fun although not as fulfilling as I had hoped.

Puppet Workshop with Mayfair Games – This was a fun workshop sponsored by Mayfair Games. A professional puppeteer gave tips and instructions. This was one of the events my daughter has requested to do next year.

Princess Islansardi’s Tea Party – This was a true tea party where each guest was a different type of fairy. My daughter and I were gnomes. You were given some background story and then role played as you worked together to find the missing princess. The group that sponsored this also has a kid LARP(live action role playing) where kids search for dragon eggs. My daughter wants to do that one next year,

Coincidence or something else?

What I am about to tell you may not be Twilight Zone worthy, but it is interesting. First a little background. My daughter is visiting her grandparents in another state. She has been there for about a month. We skype practically everyday. She has a Nintendo 3DS and so do I. We both have the game Animal Crossing which we haven’t played a lot in the past few months.

Saturday we take the car in for some maintenance, so I take my 3DS and actually play Animal Crossing. First time I have played in about a month. It was fun. Last night we are skyping when my daughter says she wants to connect the 3DS to the MIFI so we can play Animal Crossing together because she started playing it again yesterday. We travel to each other’s towns, and you can play that way over the Internet, too.

It was kind of neat that we both played the same game after not playing it for at least a month. And played it on the same day. I like to think of it as some connection. It makes me miss her less.

We weren’t able to get the 3DS connected because the MIFI was the wrong encryption, and I didn’t feel like walking through how to change it. Instead we just played Animal Crossing and talked about what we were doing on Skype. A fun time and memory for sure.