Hermit Crab

My daughter wanted me to crochet a hermit crab. She has been all about hermit crabs since we saw them for sale – correction the cages were for sale and came with a free hermit crab – at the mall. I did the shell first and then the crab. The shell is a little big – so the next time I will do the crab first so the shell is a bit snug. I would like to write down what I did and make a little pattern for it. Oh so many things I want to do but never seem to get around to doing. But this is one cute little guy so I am happy the way he turned out. Let’s hope I can reproduce it.

Cattails Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a favorite game in our house. When we first started playing, I attempted to crochet a pea shooter and got most of it done but then dropped it for some reason. Since our interest in the game has recently been renewed, I thought about crocheting some of the plants again.

My daughter’s favorite is cattails – so I decided to try it. It was fairly easy. I put pipe cleaner in the tail for support. The next one I will place the tail a little higher so the cattail will sit flat on the lily pad. I’m thinking I need a few of these and some other plants. Make our own scene from the game. Could be fun.


I love donkeys and could not believe that I hadn’t crocheted one yet. I had looked at a few patterns but didn’t see anything that was what I was looking for – so I just winged it. This is the little guy that I came up with.

I made him so he is sitting down – perfect for a desk buddy. I finally got to use some yarn from my stash. He turned out pretty cute especially since it was my first attempt. I may try another one soon since I do adore donkeys. If I do then I will have to take notes so it will be easier to recreate and I can share how I made him.

Peas in a Pod

Here is a little amigurumi I have been wanting to do for a while – peas in a pod. I’m not quite finished as my peas have no faces but really liked how they turned out – especially on my first try!

I used the pea pod pattern and the ideal sphere pattern. I think I will make a few of these for Christmas since I can whip it up in a day – plus it is too cute especially when I add some facial features.

We moved this summer to a new city in another state. We are now Texans in the beautiful city of San Antonio. This is the first project I have completed here and am hopeful that many more projects will be completed before the end of the year.

A New Project

Yes! I started a project last night and it felt fantastic. Some months back, I picked up Amigurumi Toy Box

because I love Ana Paula Riomoli’s work. Also the unicorn on the front cover called to me saying ‘crochet me you know you want to.’ So I bought the book and started the unicorn. And..that’s about it. That is until last night.

I am a huge fan of Games of Thrones – both the books and the TV show. In both, the Starks worship the old tree gods. There are these large, white trees with red leaves – reminds of a red oak but with huge trunks. It also seems like the trees have faces in them that ‘weep’ or show emotion. In the amigurumi book is a cute tree pattern which I plan to do several to create a Stark gods’s wood. It feels good to do a project that is for me.

I also plan to work another pattern from the book – it’s a kitten with a kitty bed. It’s a request from my daughter but one I had planned on doing for her anyway since she has been mentioning kittens a lot lately.

Right now all I have is the beginning of the trunk for one tree but hope to have the tree and the kitten(with accessories) done by the end of the weekend.


My nephew loves Gir from Invader Zim and had mentioned at Christmas how he would like to have one crocheted. So for his birthday, I decided that would be the perfect gift. I was able to find a pattern through Craftster.org which was really easy to follow.

The first one I made my daughter quickly claimed it. He looked pretty nearly just like the this one. So if I ‘nailed’ the pattern on the first try, you know it was good instructions. It was fun to make although I don’t enjoy working with Caron Simply Soft for amigurumis. But for this project, the yarn worked great.

Tutu Cthulhu

My daughter requested I make her a pink cthulhu with a crown and a tutu. If I haven’t offended the elder god by now, then he can’t be offended. So I gave it a try. This is how he turned out.

I found a cloth star that I cut down to make the crown and used netting to make the tutu. She seems to like it and wants another one with blue eyes. She is enamored with blonde hair and blues eyes right now. That gives me an idea to add some blonde curls to the next princess cthulhu.

Kokeshi Amigurumi

This week I have been working on some amigurumi for my husband’s benefit Legend of the Five Rings tournament. Proceeds are going to the relief effort in Japan. He wanted me to do some Cthulhus for prizes but I thought that samurais, and ninjas would be better for the theme. My search for ideas brought me across kokeshi amigurumi. I was familiar with this but my interest is now renewed. I freehanded a small doll for my daughter. I played around with some embroidery for decoration since I’m really bad at it and need practice.

She turned out pretty cute – especially for a first try. I plan to make more for my first craft fair in November. I had planned on setting up at a craft fair in May but just don’t have enough items made. Kokeshi dolls will definitely be on the craft table. They are just too cute.

Pink Elephant

My most recent finished amigurumi is a pink elephant for my daughter. It is from the book Amigurumi World : Seriously Cute Crochet. My daughter wanted it in the same shade of pink as the picture in the book.

My amigurumis never turn out as well as the pictures. If I crochet the elephant again, chances are it will look better than my first attempt. Crochet patterns are definitely a ‘learn as you go’ process. I try not to get too bent out of shape figuring out a new pattern. It takes a little time and patience. Usually if I make an item again, the second one always looks better than the first attempt.