Things I learn at work..

That are way more interesting than work. One tidbit from this past week is banana ice cream. No, it’s not ice cream with bananas. It is banana ice cream as in the banana is the ice cream. Apparently if you freeze bananas and then use your food processor to mush them up long enough, it can pass for ice cream. So right now I am freezing some bananas to try this later tonight. I feel so let down by the Internet as I use it everyday but never had I ran across this recipe before.

But before I do that, we are making sugar eggs. If it turns out halfway decent then I will do a blog post about it. If it turns out terrible I will do a blog post about it. Although if it turns out great then I will be very excited to share. I had one when I was a kid and loved it so am hoping daughter enjoys making one.


It’s been a quiet week. It seems spring is arriving so I’d say we have about two weeks to enjoy pleasant temperatures. I am surprised that our trees still have leaves on them since most seem to be all over the yard.

I did get a new phone. A Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s nice. Glad to be rid of the iPhone. I love my iPad and iPod but the iPhone just didn’t have what I needed in a phone. What I really wanted was a Windows 8 phone but will wait until more apps are available.

So that’s been about it. Nothing too exciting. I won’t bore you any longer and hopefully will have a good report this week about the sugar eggs.

Make Bananas Last Longer of my favorite foods. The thing about bananas is that they just do not last that long so when I saw a pin on Pinterest on using aluminum foil to make bananas last longer I had to try it. Here are the results:

Day One
You would expect day one results to be good.


Day Two

Not bad..


Day Three

Possibly slightly better than no foil bananas.


Day Four

Still looks good. Stop eating the bananas! But they are so good.


Day Five

The bananas made it to day five before they were all eaten.


I think that the foil helped but not sure it was a very noticeable difference. Our bananas usually last that long and are still not overripe. But at least now I know. I will just forego the foil when it comes to bananas.

The Carrot Family

This week the daughter is learning all about the letter V. For a family project, we could make a vegetable visitor to bring to class. Rae wanted a carrot – so I crocheted a carrot family for her. I think each carrot I crocheted a little differently. That happens when you don’t work from a pattern. She really likes them. I had to do eyelashes for the two girls – my first ever attempt at those. They didn’t turn out half bad.

Whipping up these carrots makes me want to do more food crochet. I love starting and finishing a project the same day. It’s such a sense of accomplishment.

Hot Cross Buns

With Easter fast approaching, I wanted to make a few little gifts for my Sunday School class. I teach pre-k and have two students – one of which is my daughter. I wanted it to be something with religious meaning. I decided to crochet hot cross buns. After not finding a crochet pattern, I decided to chart a cross and go from there.

I tried a few different techniques and like binding off after each row the best. It gives the best definition of the cross. The downside is that you have a lot of loose yarn ends. I wrote down my pattern and hopefully it is somewhat legible. If anything is unclear, just let me know.

Hot Cross Buns Crochet Pattern

Yarn – Medium Worsted Weight- tan and cream colors

Hook – size F (3.75mm)

Begin with a chain of 24 with tan yarn

Row 1 – SC into 2nd chain from hook and into the next 9 for a total of 10. Switch to cream color. SC into next three. Switch back to tan for the remaining 10 stiches. So your first row will have 10 SC in tan, 3 SC in cream, and 10 SC in tan. Bind off.

Row 2-10- Join tan yarn in first SC of row. SC into first sc and into the next 9. Then switch to cream for next 3 SCs. Switch back for the last 10. Bind off *Repeat row 8 more times.

A note about switching colors – On the last stitch of a color before swapping, pull through the color so you have two loops on the hook. Then yarn over with the new color and complete the SC.

Row 11-13 – Switch to cream color and do three rows in it – binding off after each completed row.

Row 14-22 – Join tan yarn in first SC of row. SC into first sc and into the next 9. Then switch to cream for next 3 SCs. Switch back for the last 10. Bind off *Repeat row 8 more times.

For the back piece –

SC 2, six SC into second chain from hook.

Rnd 2 – round – 2 SC into each SC

Rnd 3 – 2 SC into next stitch, one SC. Repeat for round

Rnd 4-7(more or less) – Continue working in the round – adding six stitches until you have a piece about the size of the cross square.

Join the two pieces with the right side facing out. Use a whip stitch. You will have to gather a little of the square at the corners to make it fit into the circle. Once you get most of it together, stuff it. Then continue to close it up.

Take a little black yarn to make the embellishments at the top.



I am on a play food kick lately. It started with the crochet hamburger I did a few weeks back. I thought that pizza would make an excellent play crochet food so I set out to whip up a small personal size pizza one evening.

I’m going to start jotting down notes when I crochet so that I can make some patterns from my creations. The pizza consists of the dough, sauce, a few mushrooms, and pepperoni. The next pizza will probably be slices that can be put together to make a whole pizza.



My daughter loves Spongebob Squarepants so this hamburger is inspired by the Krabby Patty. There’s really no pattern. Most of the food is worked in rounds except for the cheese. I put in a few extra single crochets into the last round of the lettuce to make it frilly.

She loves it. I might try to work up a proper pattern sometime in the future as this was quick and easy. It also makes good use of scrap yarn.