I really hate the idea of moving again, but with rent going up and other expenses, it’s just not worth it to live here anymore. The problem is the rental house is quite large -at least to us, and we are downsizing to an apartment. We know we will have to get storage space but really hope to mainly keep large items and not too many boxes.

We are moving in three months, so I have a fair amount of time to cull through our belongings. It’s a daunting task that I would much rather someone else do.When we first moved to San Antonio, we brought the essentials plus two storage bins each of whatever we wanted to bring. This worked out great as the apartment was pretty much always clean. The problem happened when we moved into a house and had so much more space. We brought another truckload of stuff from Mississippi. That was a big mistake. A lot of that stuff has just sat in the garage untouched. It’s definitely time to let go of some things.

The garage will be the last area to tackle as I don’t want to make room for stuff from the house. I am going through the house room by room with a goal of getting rid a lot of the stuff we are not using. I have to be honest with myself and just let things go. It’s only stuff – stuff I am not using – and ultimately it’s making me unhappy. Unhappy that my house is a cluttered mess. Unhappy that I bought this and never use it.

Last weekend I worked in the downstairs closet. It was a small task. This weekend is the guest bedroom which has a lot of craft supplies that must be dealt with. I dread it was it could be the most difficult since it is all of my stuff. Time to make some tough decisions.

Housekeeping Boot Camp

A military friend of mine keeps a well organized, always clean home. She can’t help it. She’s in the military and used to strict routines so having a home ‘just so’ is second nature. I envy her. I’ve always lived in clutter and disorganization. I know I lack discipline. Sadly I am too old to join the military, so I cannot get it that way. If only there was a housekeeping boot camp.

Possibly the next best thing is Fly Lady. Fly Lady is a gem of a website that really helps you develop better housekeeping routines. I discovered Fly Lady years ago. I had started the baby steps and enjoyed it. Not sure why I stopped. I probably faltered and never got back on track.

So while thinking about how great a housekeeping boot camp would be, I remembered Fly Lady. The website is still there and content is still free. So today I will start with baby step one. It’s an easy one – shine your sink. Just make sure that kitchen sink is clean before going to bed. I look forward to making this a routine in that I love having a clean sink. It’s amazing how little things can have a big impact.

So while I may not be in an official housekeeping boot camp, I plan to really give more attention to the home. More quality attention that hopefully will produce better results for a clutter-free way of living.

Atomic Clock

Atomic Clock
Atomic Clock

One of the most useful gifts we have received is an atomic clock. We have had it for years. It is said that atomic clocks are the most accurate time pieces, so when it the clock starts losing time, I checked the batteries thinking this was the issue. So I changed the batteries and then waited for the clock to update since it receives electrical transmissions from somewhere magical ( I think Denver?) to set the time. This never happened so I set it myself.

I thought it strange I would have to set the time on an atomic clock that receives the ‘time’ (really it’s not the time but pulses or something like that..I could Google it but it’s not important to this story). But for a while we lived in an area that the clock seldom received the signal and would have to set the time ourselves.

After a little Googling of the issue (this I DID Google) I reset my clock and it picked up the time. The key for it to keep receiving the time is the little antenna icon displayed in the time. When you set the time manually, that little antenna disappears and the on-so-accurate time. So now I just let it set the time and not set it myself.

Kitchen Towel Holder

Here is an easy project that makes for a great Christmas gift. It’s a crocheted kitchen towel holder. This is very simple. Just start with a chain of however long you desire the holder to be – probably around 12 inches. Then do a row of double crochet to the beginning. Then chain two and do one more row of double crochet.

You can sew a button on one end to make it attachable to a handle or do what I did. On the second row with about 15 DC to go, chain two and skip one double crochet. Then double crochet until the last two of the row. Chain two and skip the next to last DC and double crochet into the last DC of the row.

Then you can loop the other end through the two holes like a belt. You can attach it to a handle without worrying with a button. It works well. You might even consider stitching together the threading end to make it more compact and easier to thread through the holes.

It takes a small amount of yarn and can be used with any towel. It would make a great, fast gift.

Christmas Wreath

I had wanted to make a crochet Christmas wreath since I had seen one in Crochet Today. They had taken a styrofoam wreath and placed crochet roses on it. It was cute but I could never find a styrofoam wreath. I did find a yarn wreath at the thrift store. It had some decorations on it that I took off. I made some of the crochet roses and an Irish rose for the top center. I did some simple chains for added decorations.

It turned out better than I expected. I really was pleased to find a yarn wreath since it makes a great base for this project. The yarn wreath has a wire clothes hanger as its base. You then tie looped yarn(like how you might make a pom pom) around it until you have it full. It is time consuming but does make for a pretty wreath. Glad I found mine secondhand though.

I’d rather be crocheting

Although the weather is very warm lately, I have been in a crocheting mood – which is a good thing since Christmas is coming very fast. I love to crochet when it is cold outside. The yarn between my fingers just feels so cozy and nice. I enjoy crocheting for Christmas since it I crochet for others and it gives me a deadline. Sometimes without a strict deadline projects never get finished.

This week I am working on a few small crochet projects for Christmas. Might as well get those out of the way and then I need to decide on hat patterns. I’d like to do a few hats but really have to decide which patterns would be best for my yarn. If only there was a program that would show you the finish product – kind of like the hair style computer programs that show what a certain style would look like on you. Using the right yarn is so important to getting the right results.

It is nice to be back regularly crocheting. Now let’s hope I can finish all these projects for Christmas.

Biffer Shrug

While on Ravelry a few weeks ago, I found a pattern for called biffer shrug. It’s a crocheted pad for your Swiffer. It crochets up pretty fast. I finished mine in a couple of hours spread over two days.

Now I have no more excuses for not cleaning my floors. I can’t wait to try it out. It’s almost too cute to use.

Crocheting for the Girl

Most of my crochet projects wind up in the possession of my five year old daughter. Every time I start a project, her first question is, “Who is that for?” So, usually my first attempt at a toy pattern goes to her. Then I work on the gift one.

I finished her a Hello Kitty complete with a dress. It was around 9pm when I finished the dress and placed it on the crocheted kitty. My daughter promptly took it off and said that Hello Kitty needed pajamas and didn’t wish to sleep in her dress. The next night I worked on some pajamas that look more like a swimsuit. Now her next request is high heels for Hello Kitty – so that will be tonight’s challenge.

It is nice to be in demand especially when I’m at a lull in crochet projects. I have plenty I want to do but no motivation to start any of them. At least crocheting for my daughter will give me something to do while my mind decides which crochet project to tackle next.

Christmas Gifts

Look what my husband got me for Christmas. He decided to play it safe and went with items from my Amazon wish list. I love that they are all yarn related.

I love the Clover crochet hooks and have been wanting more since I bought one a few months back. A Good Yarn has been on my reading list since I first heard about it. And then I wanted June Gilbank’s book on Amigurumi since before it came out.

So a very good Christmas I would say. I need to use some of my yarn so that I can start buying more. Maybe next year will be a yarn Christmas.