In one planter, I planted some marigolds. They all buy died during the unbearable heat. Full sun my rear-end. Full sun in the south is way longer than 8 hours. But today I was surprised to find the marigolds had come back. What is even more surprising is their color.

When these were first planted, the marigolds were more yellow than orange. I like these better – of course I love the color orange. So I may give those dead flowers a few more weeks to spring back to life before I replant them.

Earth Day

Today is Good Friday and Earth Day. I like to think of everyday as earth day – trying to take care of the earth and leave it in a better place than we found it. That’s our philosophy about places that we have rented – try to leave it in better shape for the next tenants. This spring I have been doing some flower planting and ‘landscaping.’ I have been using mainly what I can find around the house to reuse and save money.

This one is from my Mom’s yard –

Just some pretty flowers from my Mom’s yard –

I’m enjoying this new found love of flower gardening. Very therapeutic and pretty at the same time.

More From Campus


Here is another picture from our trip to campus. It’s the University of Southern Mississippi. This is one of my favorite spots on campus. I love the brick road. It leads right to the heart of campus – the Hub, football stadium, and library. This was also taken with my HTC Aria. I just love that phone.

USM’s mascot is the Golden Eagle. They have an eagle in stone on the sidewalk leading up to the Payne Center – the rightfully named fitness center. Every time we passed by it, Rae mentioned Theodore and his fear of eagles in Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was too cute.

Speaking of mascots, Ole Miss has a new one – the Rebel Black Bear. The school retired Colonel Reb way back in 2003. Now they finally have a replacement that a lot of fans are not happy about. I think it is better than the Land Sharks or the Hotty Toddy – the other two choices that students and alumni could have chosen. But still it’s sort of plain from what they had and the tradition around it.

Butterfly on Campus


We went to walk at the local college campus when we noticed their lovely lantanas that were attracting what looks like Monarch butterflies. I took this photo with my HTC Aria phone. I love that phone. It takes great pictures – so much better than my other phone. I always like to have a camera with me but hate to lug around the DSLR. Having a phone that takes good pictures is something I really wanted in my phone upgrade.

It is so great to finally have a camera with me at all times, and it doesn’t take up any more room. I always have my phone – which I use more for checking email, Twitter, and Facebook than for actually making phone calls. Now I will be able to capture more moments I want to share and remember.

Black Swallowtail


This year we have seen many butterflies in the yard. They usually hanging out near the Lantana bush. Since the weather has been so nice we been spending more time outside this week. I grabbed my camera and was able to take pictures of a few of the butterflies that we’ve been seeing all summer. It was my daughter who noticed that this one looked familiar. She has a book on butterflies and asked me to go get it to look this one up. She was right. This butterfly was in her butterfly book. It is a black swallowtail and apparently fairly common throughout North America. When we were looking at it outside we did not notice the two blue markings on its inner legs which made us question if it was a black swallowtail. Now looking at the picture I can definitely see the blue spots and can’t wait to show my daughter.

We are really enjoying the cooler temperatures and being able to be outside more. And of course we are enjoying looking at all the butterflies.

Fall Has Arrived


After very hot long summer fall has finally arrived much to our delight. my mom has started to put together her fall display. I am thinking it’s a great spot take some pictures. my daughter decided to put her pansy with the display. my mom put it in a jack-o’-lantern, and it looks like a hat for it. Anyway I cannot wait to buy a nice Halloween outfit for my daughter to wear to take some pictures. I’m just happy that the temperature is below 90°. October is going to be a fun month. So the cooler temperatures will make our October plans that much more enjoyable.



We saw flamingos on our trip to the zoo last week. I love taking pictures at the zoo. It would have been better if it wasn’t so hot but still it was a fun time. It is great to go to places that you have lots of photo subjects. Fun day. Wish I could go to the zoo every week.

More Sunflowers


These sunflowers are some my mom planted. They look way better than mine. Of course, she planted hers in the garden while I planted mine in a pot. More of mine actually grew than I had expected, so I think they crowded each other out. Her sunflowers are gorgeous and some are really tall. Those may actually had edible seeds. I love planting sunflowers since they grow so tall and are low maintenance.

Baby Birds


My nephews discovered a bird’s nest in the tree they love to play around. At first I tried my telephoto lens but then realized that I could get much closer without disturbing anything than I originally thought. I may try to take a photo a day or every two days to document their growth.