Odd Shot – Moon Sand

Raegan wanted Moon Sand for Christmas. They advertise this special sand practically all the time on Noggin. It’s sand that doesn’t dry out, so you can mold it like play dough but it’s sand. This is the playing area it came with. The sand came in blue, red, green, and yellow. Mixed all together it just looks like mold. The green is the plastic tray. It was fun to play with but sadly most of it has been swept or vacuumed up. The tray needs to be about four times larger. I can’t say that I’m sad to see especially the moldly-colored moon sand gone. From now on, we will just play with one color at a time.

Odd Shots – Painted Hands

Rae has become a fan of finger painting. She has always loved to paint but this summer we have been doing a lot of fingerpainting. Last week she wanted to paint, so I just put some paint(not fingerpaint) onto a palette and a few brushes for her to paint. Well, I don’t think she touched the brushes and just used her fingers. She then proceeded to cake on more paint onto her hands. I think she likes the squishy sound her hands make when they are covered with paint and she rubs them together.

So once she was finished painting her hands, feet, the front door, and my legs, she took a bath where most of it came off. So my mommy lesson for the day is from now on to always use the fingerpaint when she wants to paint.

Odd Shot – Rose



On our way to North Mississippi, we stopped by Mississippi State University since I wanted to take some pictures to use with the blog that I author MS State College. We had to stop by the rose garden, which was much different that when I went to school there. In fact they moved it. Luckily they didn’t move it far and we were able to find it.

I love these roses that are two colors. Not only were they gorgeous but the roses had a great scent, too.


Odd Shot – 4,000 Bubbles



4,000 bubbles..or at least that’s what the box promises every minute. It is a lot of bubbles that’s for sure. I set the shutter speed to a low setting to get this shot of the bubbles forming. It seems lately all I’ve been taking pictures of is those darn caterpillars. I think I’m going to upload them to Flickr as I’ve been trying to take a picture a day. The chrysalis has formed, so soon we will have butterflies.

Our newest Pets – Odd Shot Monday



One of the moms in our local playgroup found a great deal on butterfly houses and caterpillars. We ordered four caterpillars since the success rate of them becoming caterpillars is 50% or something like that. So, maybe with four, we will have at least one butterfly. Rae loves butterflies.

We got them yesterday and they have already grown some. I had read that the more they eat, the more they grow. We need to think of some names for them. Any suggestions?

Odd Shots Monday – Magnolia Tree



Looking at this photo I can tell I should have taken it closer so that you can really see how odd it is. The bottom limbs go all the way to the ground. In fact, some even look buried, almost like smaller magnolia trees branching off from it. It’s definitely odd looking and am surprised I haven’t noticed it before. I wondered if they recently trimmed it up since I never recall seeing it look so strange before.

Odd Shot Monday – Plunger



First a word about why my child is playing with a plunger. It is her plunger. She picked it up at the store one day and wouldn’t put it down. We have never used the plunger nor has it even been in our bathroom. So, it’s about as clean as any of her other toys, which might not be saying much.

She recently rediscovered her plunger and began to ‘play’ it like a recorder. She then went to playing it like a guitar and then back to a recorder. It’s fun to watch kids play as their imagination just resonates. Ah, to tap into that imagination. How much fun that would be.