Dead Things and Dogs

Our dog – Moo – chews a lot. She always has. Her favorite is shoes. She has ruined countless shoes in her first year of life and shows no sign of slowing down. It looks like she will always be a chewer.

When we came home Friday, Moo was in the yard chewing on something. My husband investigated thinking it might be another shoe. It wasn’t a shoe; it was a rabbit. Not sure if she killed the rabbit or if one of the cats got her. Either way, I knew the rabbit had to go.

My first attempt to get rid of the dead rabbit was to grab a shovel and then sling it into the woods – because after all, dogs don’t remember anything, right? That is why I have to constantly get onto Moo about jumping up on me and Rae. That is also why we always have to tell her to get out of the house when she follows us in. She doesn’t remember, so – in theory – she won’t remember about this rabbit. It wasn’t five minutes later that Moo had dragged the rabbit back to the middle of the yard. She then stayed close by it – like guarding it from anyone who would want it.

The next day the rabbit is still in the yard and very much dead. There is less than her but still needs to go. I grab the shovel and this time bury the rabbit – thinking that there is something else I need to do when I bury it but can’t remember. Half the day goes by before Moo unearths the rabbit. My husband said that he would bury it and put something heavy on top of it to keep her from digging. He then proceeded to tell me that’s why there are tombstones – to keep the dead in the ground. He didn’t get to bury the rabbit. It is now gone from the yard. The last time we saw it, all that was left was fur. Poor rabbit. Now we don’t have a smelly rabbit in the yard but a smelly dog who hates baths.

Rainy Days

We are in the middle of a winter storm. Luckily now we just have rain. Our dog – Moo – who usually just sleeps inside has decided that she wants to stay in today. But she is staying close to the door.

It may be a very long day for all of us if the weather doesn’t improve.

Comfy Chair

Every night it is first come, first serve for the comfy chair. We have no couch, so this chair is the most comfortable spot in the house. Most of the times I claim it since my husband is distracted by the computer. But now it looks like I have someone else to contend with –


Apparently Moo – our new indoor puppy(as my daughter describes her to everyone) has learned that she can now jump up into the chair. She will be easily distracted though. I can just toss her a treat or a toy to get her moving out of my chair. It is hard to believe a few months ago we both sat in the chair comfortably. Now she takes up almost the whole thing. I hope she stops growing soon. She reminds me of Clifford – the big red dog. The more we love her, the more she grows!

New Puppies


My brother’s dog had four puppies. My daughter loves them all but can only have one. The one above is called Rose. This isn’t the one she wants. I just think she is too cute. She is the smallest of the puppies. This day she was the most photogenic.


I did get a picture of her dog. She’s the white and black one. Her name is Moo Princess. She was already named Moo by my brother so Rae added the Princess part. She is so into princesses lately. All the dogs were sacked out when I brought my camera to take pictures. Typical. I may try again later before they grow anymore.

Cat Basket

In an attempt to be more organized, I have set a small basket beside the door to stick mail, movies, and other outgoing items in so that I don’t forget them. Well the cat has decided the she loves the box, too.


I had taken this a few weeks ago but forgot about it. Thanks to Picasa, I rediscovered it. I need to find all the pictures that I’ve taken to share and just post them, too. I love blogging but somethings I feel I have more ideas and unfinished thoughts that actual posts. Lately I’ve been taking a lot of photos of flowers. If I already didn’t have too many blogs, I would be tempted to start just a flower blog. So expect a run of flowers soon on here. I’m trying to get back into posting more often.

Cat Princess


Here is the best $2.50 I have spent in a while. I bought this Princess cat tent at Target. Our cat loves it. She has played a little rough with it so it has to be taped to stay up now. But she still enjoys getting in and playing. I was actually able to snap a few photos(this one my favorite) before she noticed the camera strap. Once she noticed it, she was out of the tent and on to the camera strap – which abruptly ended the photo shoot.

Cat on a Shelf


I am in the process of rearranging some of our furniture. I do this every few months – hoping to find the right balance of function and fit in each room. So I’ve been emptying one of the bookshelves and there happens to be a box under it. This makes it perfect for the cat to hop up and perch. The card folder must be pretty comfortable since she quickly started to nap.