The Biggest Loser


The scale. What every contestant dreads facing each week. Next week is the finale, which I’m really looking forward to. The two girls are definitely in the final three. That’s exciting as we might actually finally have a female winner.

This scale is my parents and is my shot of the day for entropy, the April Challenge

. It’s a fun scale since not only does it show your weight but gives you advice. Some of the wisdom is useful like “a penny saved is a penny earned” while other times it can be something like “you don’t get along well with others.” The scale really needs to check the attitude at the door if you ask me.

Day 2 – Entropy


I probably won’t post a picture each day of this challenge but hopefully will upload one to Flickr. But today is a picture of the old feed store in town. I remember going here around Easter when they had colored baby chicks. They would put dye in the egg before the chicks were born to dye their features. It’s a practice that I think has been condemned as cruel to the chicks since they usually die from it. That is if they even survived being pets for kids.

I pass by this building everyday on the way to work. It’s showing some age but for some reason I thought it was still operational but it isn’t. It’s in an older part of town that is not being revitalized now so it’d be nice if they could fix it up but doubtful it will happen. It’s a shame. I love this building.

April Photo Challenge

I’m planning on taking part in my first photo challenge beginning in April. The April challenge is to post a daily photo. April’s theme is entropy. So photos should show broken, rusted, no longer in use, etc.

Here is a sample that I took a few weeks ago:


I keep finding things broken just at my parent’s place. I do have some other ideas and I better get to snapping some photos. Anyway, it should be a fun challenge. Want to join in on the fun? Here’s more on the April challenge.