Photo Hunters – Hope

Last year we moved back to my hometown. One day I noticed this statue that sit at the closed down charity hospital. The building has been vacant for years, but I had never noticed the statue in front of the building.

It would be nice to see something done with the building and with the statue. I’m sure this statue that stood in front of the hospital offered many a sign of hope through the years.


Photo Hunters – Support

Cables support these majestic specimens at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. This is one of the few pictures that I took that I was actually pleased with. We will be going back, so hopefully I will be taking a lot more photos. Silly me had decided to experiment taking photos without the flash. The coloring just isn’t right, though. Obviously I have lots to learn about taking inside photos without the flash. I might have given up on that and started using the flash by the time we got back around to this exhibit.

It was fun to visit there as I have lived in Mississippi most of my life and have never been. Isn’t it a shame to have something really nice in your home state and have never visited there? We are looking to remedy that this summer by going to new places every other weekend. As long as I don’t forget the camera, I’m sure each trip will be wonderful.


Photo Hunters – Emotion(s)


Is it Saturday already? Wow. I meant to make it by some of the PH blogs from last week but never did. I apologize. Boy where has the week gone?

I’ll share a happy emotion today. Of course I have plenty of her pouting, crying, and in general upset with the world. But it’s a beautiful day. The birds are singing and the sun is shining. So I will keep the positive vibes flowing.


Photo Hunter – Bad Hair


Here’s a figure my 2 and a half year old drew on the floor. Yep, on the floor. Luckily it was with one of those erasable markers for wipe boards, so it came up easily but not before I took a picture!

She’s gotten pretty good with the circle for the face and eyes but the hair is usually wild. Most of the time it’s straight lines. It might be two, or it might be 20. Either way her stick figures are always having a bad hair day.


Photo Hunters – Self


Guess who got new glasses this week? That’s right. Me! It’s taking a little bit to get used to them since the arms are a lot wider than my old ones. My peripheral vision is less now since there’s a band of purple in the way, so that is taking some time to adjust to.

The good news is that insurance picked up the cost of the frame, lens, and paid a percentage of the extras like thin lens and anti-glare. Also this prescription is not much stronger than my last pair that I got four, possibly five, years ago.

I’m going back to wearing contacts since they have improved so much and I can actually work on the computer without my eyes drying out so much. But for a few days I have to wear the glasses because they are new.


PhotoHunt – Share any Picture


I grew up in a small town and have lived in other places but recently moved back here. There’s not much to do, and I miss our ‘big’ city.

One thing we do have plenty of is local parks and playgrounds. I noticed this one and so we stopped. It was a lot of fun to play in(hey I had to keep an eye on the baby! yeah..that’s it) and one photo doesn’t nearly do it justice. The decor is castle-inspired, so it makes me miss the Ren Faire.

I was so glad to see something so cool and special in my small hometown. Having options like this is making it easier to adjust to the simple life once again.