Christmas Parade

We went to the Christmas parade yesterday and I forgot what use to be my favorite part of it – the horses! They always come at the very end but are are so beautiful they are worth the wait. Here is one of my favorites –

There were several miniature horses and they were all dressed up for the event. So cute.

I also like the old cars that are in the parade. I used my telephoto lens, so as floats passed by, I snapped what I could.

We had a great time. Rae really seemed to enjoy it, too.

Memorial Day


It’s good to be back home after the long weekend away visiting with family. Here is a picture taken of markers to remember those lost in wars in the small town that my husband is from. We didn’t do much over the weekend except eat, visit, and rest! I didn’t even fire up the laptop. It makes me wonder why I even packed it to begin with. I guess I just feel lost without having it close by.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting back into our routine this week. I have an odd shot to share but will have to do it Tuesday as I’m just too pooped to do anything else tonight.



I love going downtown since there are so many interesting places to take photos. This wall made me think of those fake facades that are meant to look like this but here is the real thing. I’m hoping to do something more with it in Photoshop when I have time and am inspired.



I have always wanted to just photograph some of the beautiful rural churches that we pass when traveling. This weekend I finally took my first photo. This one is in the small town that we live. I think it’s a Methodist church. I love the small, white churches with the huge steeples on top. Maybe I will make a church my photo of the day for Sunday. Hopefully it will keep me motivated to take more church photos.

Fall Display


I love this time of year because my favorite color – orange – is prominently displayed everywhere. Here is a display from the fair that was in town last week. Next year we will probably do some Halloween decorating since Rae will really be into Halloween. Until then we’ll just enjoy other people’s displays.