January 2016

Holy cow! Is it really already January 28th? Not sure why I’m surprised. For the first month of the new year, January is a terrible way to start. It seems someone always gets sick. We stay inside way more than we should. Plus it is always cold.

For 2016, I have big plans. Those plans require actions. January has slipped by with very little done to move anything forward. But as Scarlet O’Hara says, “Tomorrow is another day.” I feel like February will be a better month. I did get some things accomplished for January.


I edited a couple of videos for my daughter’s You Tube channel. I also made a video for my crochet channel. Both of those accomplishments felt good and like real progress. It reminds me how much I love the editing and shooting videos. It’s a real throwback to the early days of my first career in television.

Web Comics:

I made two web comics. Granted they are one panel each but at least it’s content. I have so many ideas that I just need to start putting out there hoping that it will entertain someone besides me.

So yeah. January wasn’t a complete wash but hoping to do more in February. I think I am slowly learning that I cannot do every idea I have and that I must choose which projects I want to pursue. That alone will hopefully keep me focused and motivated.

2015 Goals Update – May

Wow. Already May, huh? This is month five of 2015. Let’s see how those goals are coming along.

Here it is. The last day of March already.

Freelance full-time
(Feb)Still would like to do this but exploring options right now.
March – Still wanting to do this and thinking either by the end of the year of next spring is my goal to make it happen.
May – This month I plan to actually do some writing for two content websites. I’ve worked with them before but it has been a while. I plan to write 2-3 articles for each.

Debt Free
(Feb)working to dwindle down the smallest student loan which should be paid in March. Two more to go and then the car. This goal is pretty much on track.
March – The IRS wants more of our money for taxes so this will hinder paying this off until April.
May – Got the IRS their money and also knocked out another student loan. 2 more to go. Both are $2800 so should be relatively fast. Then it is just the vehicle.

Save at least $3K
(Feb)I haven’t started saving this yet.
March – no change. Haven’t started saving.
May – Sadly no savings.

(Feb)Have written very little. Have to do more.
March – Have done a few blog posts and have an idea for Camp Nano which will start in April. I have a goal of 15,000 words.
May – Failed Camp Nano. Had less than 3K words. But I am working on a novel idea and a short story.

(Feb)I’ve drawn a little bit and bought a drawing book that I’ve yet to open but looks promising.
March – I try to draw everything – at least something. My new project is work on one comic for a week and then post the best drawing of it.
May – I haven’t drawn much. Have plenty of ideas but just can’t get them out of my head. ARRGGHH!!!

Lose Weight and RUN!
(Feb)have gained a pound. Must tighten up this even if it means doing a diet like Atkins to get started just to see some progress.
March – Not much progress here. I did buy a stepper exercise thing that I enjoy using and am gaining some stamina. Now that it is better weather it will be time to get out more. That is if the pollen doesn’t dictate otherwise.
May – Have lost 9 pounds but haven’t started running yet. The goal is to do a 5K by September.

Organize and clean house
(Feb)House is still an utter chaos but have started working on a plan.
March – The living room is now in order. This weekend we will shampoo carpets, wash curtains, and rearrange furniture.
May – Downstairs not bad – The big stuff is done but still plenty to do.

(Feb)While I haven’t had a lot of progress, I hope the next update to have the clutter under control and to have lost 5 pounds. Baby steps are better than no steps at all.
March – Not too many updates and not where I’d hope to be. But that is the whole reason for doing an update is to remember these goals and to work on them.
May – I feel good about where I am. Ofcourse I would like more progress on the writing and drawing but I feel the more I do to organize our home, the more focused I can be on other tasks. Here’s hoping for a great May.

Day 3 – Christmas Notebook

Advent ornament for day 3

The first year I bought gifts for everyone in my family I was in college. It was easy to keep up with the whole crew as there were my two brothers, four nieces, and a nephew. Years later and that number has significantly grown. My nieces now have kids of their own and there is also my husband’s family. So family gift giving has become way more joyously complicated. Now we just buy for the kids under eighteen but still that number is a glorious twenty-two!
I started keeping a notebook to make my Christmas list a few years ago. I would use one sheet just as a list of people I wanted to buy for. Then another sheet for a budget. On either of these sheets or even a third one, I keep up with what gifts I have bought and for whom which comes in handy the next year. Since we travel to during the holidays, I also keep track of when the gift was wrapped and packed as the last thing I want to do is shop a few days before Christmas.
A composition notebook is what I use, and it works just fine. They cost less than two dollars, and one notebook will last you for several Christmases. It’s an easy way to organize your holiday gift giving.

Money Challenge 2014

So last year I had wanted to do the money challenge where you save $1 the first week of the year, then $2 the next week and so forth. By the end of the year, you have what could be a very nice Christmas budget. Last year I made it until February or March before totally forgetting about it. This year I plan to try again but with a twist.

I read a suggestion to do this money challenge backwards – that is to start with $52 the first week, $51 the second week, and so forth. This way the challenge gets easier plus you see more saved money sooner which is always exciting. I will post monthly my progress since blogging is one of my resolutions for the new year. It’s amazing how much I miss blogging but never do it. It’s all about finding balance. So with blogging I will do what I can – no set number of posts and posting multiple times a day if the fancy strikes.

So hopefully I can keep to the money challenge and have a nice Christmas budget.

National Crochet Month

March is National Crochet Month! Oh how to celebrate? Well I plan to crochet all month long! Last night I picked up my hook and yarn to do a few more rounds on a cute alligator. I’m just free-handing it but it is finally taking shape. I was inspired by Swamp People(excellent TV show on History channel) to make a gator. Mine will be tiny compared to the real thing. Hopefully I will be done in a few days and will finish up some other crochet projects.

Maybe National Crochet Month is exactly what I need to get back into crocheting more. I used to look forward to crocheting every day. I still want to crochet but just seems life has gotten very busy. Working full-time outside the home is bringing me down. There just isn’t the time at home to do all that needs to be done.

So many crochet projects, so little time! Maybe National Crochet Month will help me set my priorities. Crochet has to be one of them.

My Valentine

Here is my Valentine working on her Valentines for her class. It was seven years ago on Valentine’s Day that I took a pregnancy test that was positive. Needless to say, that was the best Valentines ever. She is such a joy to our lives. I highly recommend being a parent. Kids are awesome and a ton of fun. It’s not all fun and games but there is always joy. I love that girl of mine!

Crochet Goals 2012

This Christmas I did not make the first crochet gift. I had great intentions – but just started way too late. With work and other stuff, I just have not had the time to crochet – which makes me very sad. Usually when Christmas is over, I am so mentally exhausted that I cannot even think about the next Christmas for many months. This year, however, I don’t feel so wiped and planned to get cracking on 2012 goals.

Next Christmas I plan to give a lot more crochet gifts. Several people did receive handmade gifts and loved them. My biggest problem is deciding on what to make. I do plan on making some scarves and hats – with possibly some amigurumis. That is so vague but really is the only plan I have right now. I just plan to crochet and finish projects – then decide later on giving.

I have so many patterns I want to try and plan to in 2012. My goal is to crochet more and so some original patterns as well. If I can stay organized and focus, then 2012 is going to be a great year.

Too Many Projects

There are too many crochet and other projects I want to do. It is amazing that when I have something to do, I want to do it right now. It is hard for me to schedule time for crocheting or web work. I need to work on the skill of just doing it even when you don’t feel like it.

I made the girl a cute platypus with a pouch to carry her young – that I also made. I’m going to write up the pattern for both and take some better pictures. I took a couple of pics just in case they got lost in all of her toys = so the pics are a reminder of something else I want to do.

Hopefully I can get done half of what I hoped. If that happens – I will consider that a win.

Part 3

Welcome back me! This is my second restart of this blog. I had let registration passed months ago but decided that I really would like it again. Luckily it was available. Best of all, I never deleted the information from my web hosting, so my old blog is all here. So this time I won’t be starting again from square one.

I have a few blogs but wanted one where I can talk about some subjects that would be off topic from my other blogs. Instead of making a blog for each topic, I will just roll them all together here.

I have started decluttering our house and am selling a lot of it on eBay. That is one subject that also goes hand in hand with our plan to get out of debt and manage our money better. I’ve lost 30 pounds and still need to lose about 20 pounds, so the dieting category will also stay. I’m also planning on running my first 5K at the end of February. I’m still Catholic, blogger, and a crocheter so those subjects may creep up every once in a while. My daughter is now 5 and we are getting ready for kindergarten(darn those late fall birthdays or she could have started this year).

So this blog will be very eclectic and hopefully informative and entertaining.