Toy Animal Leash

Here is a pattern that I made for my daughter. She loves stuffed animals and one day she had a piece of yarn using it as a leash. It gave me the idea of creating a toy crochet leash. This is a very flexible pattern. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn just because I had it in pink but really any worsted weight yarn could be used.

Needed – worsted yarn
Hook size – doesn’t matter as gauge really isn’t that important.
Additional – 8 inch elastic band
Notes – This size fits a stuffed animal a little bigger than a beanie baby(about 8 inches) but would probably fit a bigger one since it does stretch.
Abbreviations used – ch – Chain, DC – Double chain


Ch 40
DC across beginning in third stitch from hook. ch 2 and turn.
DC 38 and ch 2, turn
DC 38 and ch 2, turn

Now check your elastic to see if the crochet leash will fit around it. If not, then crochet one or two more rows.
Once crochet will fit around elastic, fold the crocheted piece over the elastic and sc around the edges to join. You could also slip stitch if you prefer.
Next join the very ends of the crocheted collar to form a circle and stitch together.


Once the two ends are joined, it’s time to work on the leash. DC 4 across, ch 2, and turn. Keep repeating until you have your leash the length to your liking.

For the tag, I crocheted a teardrop. I used the pattern in Visually Teach Yourself Crocheting by Kim Werker. You could also use beads or charms for the tag.

Finished Purse

I finished the purse from my online crochet class. This is after felting. I didn’t felt for very long as I didn’t want it to shrink too much since it was small to begin with.

Anyway for a first attempt I think it turned out pretty darn good. I do love that mult-colored wool yarn and am glad to finally have a project I can use it for. I can’t wait to make my next bag with this technique.

Tunisian Crochet

I’m taking an online class through a forum to learn Tunisian crochet. We are making a simple bag that will be felted. I finally found an afghan hook at a rummage sale. The crochet afghan hook is longer and has a stopper at the end so it keeps the stitches on the hook.

I have to admit that I’m loving this type of crochet. I love the way knit looks but haven’t been able to get down knitting, so to have this alternative will be quite nice.

This bag will be small but I am going to give it to Rae anyway. I might make another one a little bigger since I have the technique down. Or at least down enough to get by.

This bag just uses that basic stitch so there is more to learn. It’s exciting, though, and can’t wait to use this stitch again.

Little Debbie 100 Calorie Snacks

One lifesaver when I’m dieting is 100 calorie snacks. It seems most companies now have a 100 calorie alternative to most of their foods.

I tried Little Debbie’s newest one – yellow cake with buttery icing – because it looked yummy. I adore cake and if there is one I can eat on my diet, then it’s worth a try.

While I was disappointed with the size, I wasn’t surprised since it’s only 100 calories. But the taste is awesome and it does hit the spot. I found that the one 100 calorie serving satisfied my sweet tooth and hunger.

I can eat a lot of cake, so to have such a small portion be enough is amazing. The icing has so much flavor, too. I can get over the small size since it really is good. I’ll definitely will be buying these again.

They come six to a pack and sell for under $2. Just look for them with the rest of the Little Debbie boxed snacks at your local store.

2009 Holy Days of Obligation

Since I always forget these, I’m going to post them here so that I don’t have to keep Googling it. One of our New Year’s Resolutions is the attend church more often. So far, we haven’t been to church yet this year. I know it’s only day five. Being sick has been a horrible way to start the New Year.

Thursday, January 1, 2009 – Mary, Mother of God
Sunday, May 24, 2009 – Ascension of the Lord
Saturday, August 15, 2009 – Assumption of Mary – not a day of obligation
Sunday, November 1, 2009 – All Saints
Tuesday, December 8, 2009 – Immaculate Conception
Friday, December 25, 2009 – Christmas

Soft Dieting

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight and to exercise. It’s the one I have every year. But this year I plan to make sure I’m successful.

This week I plan to start a soft diet. Basically I’m just trying to cut back without really dieting. Next week I will be starting Weight Watchers. I plan to join online since I know I will never attend a meeting in person. My only fear with doing it online is staying with the program. But if I’m paying for it, then I’m likely to stick with it.

I also plan to buy a good multi-vitamin as it never fails that I get a cold about three weeks into a new diet. It matters not the time of year. I always get sick and derailed from my weightloss progress. And no matter how hard I try, I cannot restart my diet as it just seems that momentum is gone. I believe it takes way more energy to start a diet than to keep on it. Those first few days of adjusting to less food, more water, and exercise are exhausting. But after that you start adjusting. Hopefully i can stay healthy and on my diet for a while.

Some frozen meals are better than others. But they are wonderful to teach portion-control. They are also good in a pinch to have something on your diet when you have no time to cook.

So this week I plan to set up my diet by getting mentally ready and physcially ready.

Part 2

Welcome back! I had started this blog and lost focus with it. So I deleted the whole kit and kaboodle. Now I’m starting from square one again with a plan to keep this blog focused on me – LOL. Boy I sound a little self-centered there. I’m not really but just wanted to create a blog that I can say what I want without it being ‘off topic.’

Raesmom will be just another Mommy blog. Whatever is going on in my life that I feel the need to share will go here. So who knows what I may talk about.