110 Semiconductor Projects for the Home Constructor by R. M. Marston (Auth.)

By R. M. Marston (Auth.)

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T. equivalent of t h e e m i t t e r follower m o d e ) . Fig. 4a shows a simple circuit of this t y p e . H e r e , a self-biasing s y s t e m is u s e d , a n d t h e drain c u r r e n t c a n be varied via R T h e circuit can be u s e d w i t h a n y supply in t h e range v 12V TO 20V + V e 12V TO 20V + V e 00 W Fig. 6 V , giving a drain c u r r e n t of 1 m A . 95 b e t w e e n i n p u t a n d o u t p u t . Due t o t h e p o t e n t i a l divider a c t i o n of t h e R\-R t o R chain, a degree 2 3 of b o o t s t r a p p i n g is applied t o R , a n d its effective value is increased b y 4 a b o u t 5 t i m e s .

In s o m e circuits, RB is wired b e t w e e n base 1 a n d g r o u n d , as s h o w n in Fig. 2b either t o c o n t r o l t h e discharge t i m e of C or t o give a +ve o u t p u t pulse during t h e discharge p e r i o d . A —ve pulse is also available across Rs in this p e r i o d , if n e e d e d . S. 75 = 4 . 7 - 9 . 1 kn = 5 MA = 4 mA = T018 58 20 UNIJUNCTION TRANSISTOR PROJECTS N o w t h a t t h e basic principles of t h e u . j . have been described above, we can select a practical unit a n d t h e n go o n t o consider 2 0 or so T0-I8 CASE (BOTTOM VIEW) Fig.

T. t. equivalents 35 DRAIN CURRENT,I

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