A Course in Fuzzy Systems and Control by Li-Xin Wang

By Li-Xin Wang

Provides a finished, self-tutorial path in fuzzy good judgment and its expanding function on top of things theory. The booklet solutions key questions on fuzzy structures and fuzzy keep an eye on. It introduces simple thoughts resembling fuzzy units, fuzzy union, fuzzy intersection and fuzzy supplement. know about fuzzy relatives, approximate reasoning, fuzzy rule bases, fuzzy inference engines, and a number of other tools for designing fuzzy systems. For specialist engineers and scholars employing the rules of fuzzy common sense to paintings or learn on top of things concept.

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1. Consider the set of all cars in Berkeley; this is the universe of discourse U. We can define different sets in U according to the properties of cars. Fig. 1 shows two types of properties that can be used to define sets in U: (a) US cars or non-US cars, and (b) number of cylinders. 3) 21 Sec. 1. 1. Partitioning of the set of all cars in Berkeley into subsets by: (a) US cars or non-US cars, and (b) number of cylinders. 4) If we want to define a set in U according to whether the car is a US car or a non-US car, we face a difficulty.

Recall that a classical (crisp) set A, or simply a set A, in the universe of discourse U can be defined by listing all of its members (the last method) or by specifying the properties that must be satisfied by the members of the set (the rule method). The list method can be used only for finite sets and is therefore of limited use. The rule method is more general. 1) There is yet a third method to define a set A-the membership method, which introduces a zero-one membership function (also called characteristic function, discrimination function, or indicator function) for A, denoted by pA(x), such that ) the The set A is mathematically equivalent to its membership function p ~ ( x in sense that knowing p~ (x) is the same as knowing A itself.

5. Let fuzzy set A be defined in the closed plane U = [-I, 11x [-3,3] with membership function Determine the projections of A on the hyperplanes HI = {x E Ulxl = 0) and H2 = {x E U1x2 = 01, respectively. 6. Show that the law of the excluded middle, F U F = U, is not true if F is a fuzzy set. 7. 2. 8. Show that the intersection of two convex fuzzy sets is also a convex fuzzy set. What about the union? 3) is the largest fuzzy set contained by both A and B. 3) define only one type of operations on fuzzy sets.

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