A Grammar of Diyari, South Australia by Peter Austin

By Peter Austin

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There are also semantic differences to be found between the members of the noun and adjective sub-classes (see Dixon, 1972:39-40 and 1977b). g. ngumu ‘good’, malhantyi ‘bad’); dimension (pirna ‘big’, waka ‘small’); most physical properties (pandra ‘cooked, ripe’, mardi ‘heavy’, thipi 44 Chapter 3 Morphology ‘alive’); numbers and quantifiers (kurnu ‘one’, mandru ‘two’, parkulu ‘three’, parlpa ‘some’, pani ‘none’); colours (there are four basic colour terms — warru ‘white’, maru ‘black’, marralyi ‘red’, kalyakulya ‘green, yellow’); and physiological characteristics (parlu ‘naked’, putyu ‘blind’, kungku ‘lame’).

2). nom-near camp woman-dl-dat ‘This is the camp of the two women’ Chapter 3 Morphology 51 Common nouns in Diyari are not obligatorily specified for number by a suffix. That is, an unmarked stem may be used to refer to one or to more than one entity; wilha, for example translates ‘woman’ or ‘women’. [5] -wara, plural (pl) forms a stem of plural number from a common noun or adjective root. The inflection of plural stems is the same as that of dual stems (see above). nom sit-pres youth-pl-loc ‘The boys are sitting with the youths’ [6] -nthu, proprietive (prop) meaning ‘with’ or ‘having’ is suffixed to common noun or adjective roots which then function adnominally and take common noun case inflections.

4 Predicate determiners. 1). 2). 5 Particles and co-ordinators. These two closed word classes may be defined negatively as those items which take none of the derivational or inflectional morphology described above. 7. 11. 6 Interjections. These are a class of words which can comprise a whole utterance by themselves. They are never inflected and are not syntactically integrated with other linguistic material. 46 Chapter 3 Morphology Two interjections are phonotactically unusual in that they begin with a vowel (cf.

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