A Grammar of the Hittite Language by Harry A. Hoffner

By Harry A. Hoffner

Hoffner and Melchert's long-awaited paintings is certain to develop into either the traditional reference grammar and the most instructing software for the Hittite language. the 1st quantity incorporates a thorough description of Hittite grammar, grounded in an abundance of textual examples. additionally, the authors have in mind an unlimited array of reports on all facets of the Hittite language. within the 5 a long time because the book of the second one version of Johannes Friedrich's Hethitisches Elementarbuch (1960), our wisdom of Hittite grammar has develop into extra exact and nuanced, in particular as a result variety of new texts to be had and the turning out to be physique of secondary literature. this primary quantity within the LANE sequence fills a significant hole and gives a complete reference for many years to come back.

the second one quantity, on hand here, is an instructional that comprises a chain of graded classes with illustrative sentences for the coed to translate. the academic is keyed to the reference grammar and offers large notes.

the published grammar quantity is observed by way of a CD-ROM that includes the full textual content of the grammar and instructional in searchable, cross-referenced, and hyperlinked shape.

Errata: Minor corrections, which were integrated into the second one printings of either the Grammar and the academic (December, 2008 â€" January, 2009), can be found here for download.

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Sample text

47. 20, p. 71). The single word nu-u-wa ‘still, yet’ is diffentiated from the combination of conjunction nu and clitic -wa (nu-wa) consistently by the plene writing of the former. But other examples of what appears to be the same word or form with longer and shorter spellings—for example, še-er and še-e-er ‘above’ and pa-an-zi and pa-a-an-zi ‘they go’—are not different words but different spellings of the same word. Such variant spellings in the same document sometimes arose when a scribe who preferred the short writings copied a document whose scribe preferred the long ones.

GIŠ = Akkadian ḫaṭṭu ‘staff, stick’. - = Akkadian ili ‘of a god’. Ḫattu + ši + ili = the royal name Ḫattušili ! A parade example of a rebus writing (see HE §8c “spielerische Schreibungen”). 50, p. 100). Such hybrid writings are few in number, even if those few words occur frequently. 39. Some Sumerograms prefixed (much less commonly suffixed) to nouns are determinatives. 51 (p. 40. , URUNerik ‘the city Nerik’, ḫaraš MUŠEN ‘eagle’). , ‘man of the spear’) (not LÚ ‘spear belonging to the male class’).

The vowel of each CV-type sign is usually specific. But some CV signs whose vowel is i often have a second reading with e: û H G & O ’ J        pí pé gi ge ḫi ḫe ki ke li le ni né ri re 28. túḫ-uḫ-ša might have the same function as wa-al-aḫ-ta (/walhta/), to indicate /tuhhsa/. 29. ,  ‘ox’) is repeated when followed by suffixes beginning with a vowel: -da (read gu4-da for /guda/) ‘of the ox’, although this is not to be understood as gemination. 27. For some of the above /Ce/ sequences, a second sign with value restricted to  + e is equally or even more common: ḫé (º ) is more common than ḫe ( / ) for /he/; ne (/ ) is more common than né () for /ne/.

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