A Practical Guide to the Study of Calcium in Living Cells by Richard Nuccitelli, Leslie Wilson, Paul T. Matsudaira

By Richard Nuccitelli, Leslie Wilson, Paul T. Matsudaira

A Practical advisor to the examine of Calcium in residing Cells describes renowned concepts besides invaluable do's and don't's and computing device courses. the amount permits investigators to guage confocal photographs, use the most recent dyes, and layout Calcium buffers acceptable to their examine wishes. This ebook is designed for laboratory use by means of graduate scholars, technicians, and researchers in lots of disciplines, starting from molecular to mobile degrees of research. Key positive factors * Describes options for detection of [Ca2+]I: Ca2+ - delicate microelectrodes * Fluorescent dyes * Luminescent proteins * comprises strategies for perturbing intracellular Ca2+ * Covers designated technique plus difficulties and pitfalls of every method * encompasses a sensible advisor to getting ready Ca2+ buffers with an easy-to-use machine software * colour plates illustrate innovations akin to * Confocal ratio-imaging * Use of aequorin

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28 Donald M. Bers et a/. References Berman. M. C. (1982). Stimulation of calcium transport of sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles by the calcium complex of ethylene glycol bis(P-aminoethyl ether)-N,N’-tetraacetic acid. J . B i d . Chem. 257, 1953-1957. Bers. D. M. (1982). A simple method for the accurate determination of free [Ca”] in Ca-EGTA solutions. Am. J. Physiol. 242, C404-C408. Bers. D. M.. and MacLeod, K. T. (1988). Calcium chelators and calcium ionophores. In “Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology” (P.

1) emphasizes the importance of this point. We typically measure [Ca”] and pH simultaneously just before the solutions are brought up to final volume (for approximate pH adjustment), and after, for final pH adjustment (as close to the third decimal place as possible) and [Ca”] measurement. The solutions Donald M. Bers et a / . 20 also are checked again later to insure consistency. The rigorous attention to pH adjustment obviously will be less crucial for the BAPTA buffers. ” The main reason is expense; BAPTA is about 30 times more expensive.

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