A Reference Grammar of Pashto by Habibullah Tegey - Barbara Robson

By Habibullah Tegey - Barbara Robson

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Attributive set-denoting adjectives modifying N2 can only precede N1 when they are set-denoting, that is, adjectives that normally can also occur as the predicate in a copular construction. Placing an adjective that does not belong to this group in front of N1 normally gives rise to a degraded result. (114) a. een groep Amerikaanse toeristen a group [of] American tourists a′. een Amerikaanse groep toeristen b′. een groep vermeende misdadigers a group [of] alleged criminals b′. een vermeende groep misdadigers Furthermore, the attributively used set-denoting adjectives must denote a property of N2; in cases like (115), where the adjective has a classifying function instead, the adjective cannot precede N1 either.

Blackberries have I many picked VII. 4, sub I, that both can be replaced by quantitative er when N1 is a quantifier or measure noun. This again shows that the projection of N2 is smaller than DP, given that DPs cannot be replaced in this way. 616 Syntax of Dutch: nouns and noun phrases (109) a. b. Pole een heleboel [e]] gezien. a lot seen drie [e]] gezien. 5. Modification of quantificational binominal constructions This section investigates modification of the nouns in a QC. We will discuss attributive adjectives, PP-modifiers and relative clauses.

Per veel per many/much The examples in (88) show that the same difference can be found between quantifier nouns like boel and hoop, which indicate an indefinite amount of quantities, and the other N1s, which indicate a (conventionally or contextually determined) amount or quantity. 608 Syntax of Dutch: nouns and noun phrases (88) a. *per boel/hoop per lot/lot b. per kilo per kilo c. per kop per cup d. per plak per slice e. per dozijn per dozen The result is often marked when per is followed by a plural noun, although acceptability may vary depending on the context and on the ease of conceptualization; an example like (89c) gives rise to a perfectly acceptable result in the following example found on the internet: Deze speculaas weegt ca.

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