A Short History of Laos: The Land in Between by Grant Evans

By Grant Evans

A good written account the way it all occurred and the way and why Laos was once the catalyst for the the US Viet Nam struggle.

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In 1887, however, they made the mistake of carrying off to Bangkok the sons of Deo Van Tri, the leader of the Sip Song Chu Tai. The latter retaliated by marching on Luang Phrabang with his Haw allies and sacking the city. The ignominious flight of the Siamese commissioner and his garrison demonstrated the relative weakness of Siamese power in the region. The aged king of Luang Phrabang fled alongside the French vice-consul, Auguste Pavie, bearer of a new form of overarching order and protection.

However, given his brother Nanthasaen’s earlier attack on 27 Laos—PAGES 12/4/02 2:10 PM Page 28 A Short History of Laos Luang Phrabang, there was little sympathy there for Anou, and when he began his march across the Khorat Plateau in 1827 Luang Phrabang tried to stay neutral. The uprising was given support by some of the nobility in the northeast, but others stayed loyal to Bangkok. Anou’s forces took Nakhon Ratchasima by using the subterfuge that they were marching south to help Bangkok resist a British invasion.

Wreaking havoc as they went, they came to be feared by the Lao as the dreaded Haw. In Luang Phrabang the outcome of Chao Anou’s revolt had meant closer control by the Siamese of their tributary states. The action that led to the capture of Chao Anou in muang Phuan by the Siamese army was launched from Luang Phrabang, where Siamese soldiers would be stationed until the coming of the French. A major concern of Siam at this time was the Kingdom of Hue’s encroachments on the Khmer kingdom and on the Lao principalities.

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