A South Efate Dictionary by Nick Theiberger

By Nick Theiberger

This dictionary has been the manufactured from collaborative paintings with a couple of audio system of the language of South Efate, crucial Vanuatu. it truly is a part of an ongoing undertaking that comes with the recording of reports within the language, a variety from that's produced as 'Natrauswen nig Efat.'

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See: mot. motu adj. 1) old. Ag kuipe pi tiawi motu. You are already an old person. 2) dense, of trees in a forest. Ipitlak namlas motu iskei itu natik naum. There is dense bush near the river. mp! a gon n_inposs. 1) buttocks. pagon ifag. This child has sores on his buttocks. 2) end, furthest point of something. ag. mpak n. aau. ur nen nakon rulap. Banyons are big trees with plenty of roots. mpaklep n. Anemone that lives in the sand. See: nrimen. mp! akor. n_inposs. lid, its. mpakur ni elau n. tree, Tamanu.

Naat person. ol. 3) someone, a definite but non-specific person. rakot anybody. somebody. rakot kemai slati pan. Somebody came and took it away. naatmat n. fruit fly. naf 1 n. liquid. naf 2 n. pumice stone. See: faatsal. nafakton n. sugarcane species, green (ksakes) and red (miel). rai; trares; tukmel; makol. nafamwen feast. nafanu 1 n. tree sp. Leaves used as a medicine. nafanu 2 n. country. nafanu sa n. hell. nafarifa n. tree sp. Neisosperma sp.? nafarun Also: nafar. n_inposs. wing. nafeifeien n.

2) shallow, of water. mrer vintr. die down (of fire). Malnen kupreg kapu nkap ina imrer go kupan, go kupo nrak. When you make laplap the fire dies down and you can roast vegetables, then take out the stones. mro vintr. think. Kuto mro ki nafte? What are you thinking about? See: mroperkati. Also: mromromro. mroperkat vintr. imagine, remember. See: mro. mropir vambi. dislike. Amroprik. I don't like you. mroput vintr. worry, be troubled, South Efate Dictionary mtalu feel burdened. Amroput top selwan anrog kumsak.

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