Adverbs and Adverbial Adjuncts at the Interfaces by Katalin É. Kiss

By Katalin É. Kiss

This ebook investigates - commonly at the foundation of Hungarian information - the grammar of adverbs and adverbial adjuncts, between them locatives, temporals, comitatives, epistemic adverbs, adverbs of measure, demeanour, counting, and frequency, quantificational adverbs, and adverbial participles. within the spirit of the Minimalist study application, the analyses concentrate on the impression of semantic and phonological necessities on adverbial syntax.

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In non-neutral sentences, the V in NN acts as the phasal head, and the phasal domain subject to flattening is PredP. A FocP or NegP can also be subsumed by a TopP projection. ’ V0 AdvP tk The presupposed, post-focus section of focus constructions (the NegP in (12)) is subject to stress reduction. 4. Theories of adverbial placement Generative theory provides at least two major alternative frameworks for the integration of adverbs and adverbial adjuncts into sentence structure. In the feature-checking theory elaborated by Alexiadou (1997) and Cinque (1999), adverbs are licensed as specifiers of functional projections, and they enter into matching relations with the relevant features of their respective functional heads.

In order to account for the fairly free distribution of adverbs in German and French, Laenzlinger (2005) combines the feature-checking theory of Alexiadou (1997) and Cinque (1999) with remnant movement. In this framework, the postverbal position of a Hungarian low adverb can be the result of VP-movement into a specifier position (Spec,WP) above the functional phrase harboring the adverb. The moved constituent can also be a remnant VP, or a projection subsuming VP. The mechanism is very flexible; it is practically unconstrained.

2002) does not exclude the possibility of adjunction at the X0 level, either – which is a possibility not needed in current frameworks in which VP-shells are all maximal projections. g. existing c-command relations are not altered by adjunction. At the stage where 3a, b4 is spelled out, it becomes a simple structure by means of an operation SIMPL that converts 3a, b4 to {a, b}. SIMPL applies at Spell-Out; in the course of mapping to PF a is integrated into the primary plane (the linearly ordered structure).

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