Annie Oakley (Famous Figures of the American Frontier) by Charles J. Shields

By Charles J. Shields

This e-book outlines the tale of "Little definite Shot," Phoebe Ann Moses. The e-book addresses the historical past of Annie's capturing improvement and her partnership with Frank Butler. It speaks of her outstanding crowds round the USA and Europe. Annie was once an instance of the ability of the human spirit overcoming adversity, in addition to a lady who helped to alter the face of pop culture.

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The idea for staging an outdoor show about the Old 31 32 A NNIE OAKLEY Before starting the Wild West Show, Buffalo Bill Cody was already nationally famous. S. Army during the 1860s and 1870s. In addition, dozens of stories were published about his exploits—most of which were fictional. West came to Buffalo Bill almost by accident. On a visit to North Platte, Nebraska, during the summer of 1882, Cody learned that the town had no official plans for the Fourth of July. He volunteered to organize a last-minute festival.

Then she took up her position beside a wooden table, facing a direction where no one was sitting. On the table, which was covered with a silk cloth, lay a row of shotguns and rifles—sometimes as many as 10. Frank waited nearby, his name unannounced to the crowd, preparing to load the traps and release the clay targets. Suddenly, a single clay bird would fly out across the air, and Annie would hit it. Then a pair appeared, then three at once, and then finally what looked like a flock, as Annie fired astonishingly fast and accurately.

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