Annual Review of South Asian Languages and Linguistics, 2008 by Singh, Rajendra

By Singh, Rajendra

The main basic type of human cognition and motion, and all human languages have built many units to precise it. those comprise verbal different types, akin to demanding and element, but in addition adverbials, debris, and rules of discourse company. This publication is meant as an educational for the research of the way time is expressed in traditional languages. Its chapters take the reader via a few foundational matters, akin to a few of the notions of time and a few of the skill to precise it; different chapters are dedicated to extra particular questions, reminiscent of the purchase of time, its modelling in formal semantics and in computational linguistics, or how its expression might be empirically investigated.

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Reduplicated adjectives: Degree, expressivity or neutralisation of the di¤erential property? Within the frame of iconicity, high degree (intensity: ‘‘much, very, quite, completely A’’) derives quite naturally from the postulate ‘twice means more’. Low degree, as well as medium degree, more and more commented with the growing presentation of data and descriptions, needs on the contrary some justification8. Such a justification is proposed in a clever argumentation (Kouwenberg 2003, Kouwenberg & LaCharite´ 2005) by means of fragmentation and dissemination, forms of discontinuity in their own right, which parallels distribution as a form of discontinuity.

Love and what so, we don’t un derstand, brother (we know nothing about all this crap)’ b. ‘vah lekhak hai’. lekhak-vekhak hai, yah sab unkıˆ samajh meN aˆtaˆ na hıˆN thaˆ ‘he writer-echo is’. writer-echo is, this all his mind in come not impft ‘ ‘He is a writer’. He could be a so-called writer, that was meaningless for her’ Reduplication and ‘echo words’ in Hindi/Urdu 45 c. yah tumhaˆraˆ Tyuˆshan-hyuˆshan ghar ke bhıˆtar nahıˆN hogaˆ this your tuition-echo home inside not will-be ‘no way you introduce at home your (trick of the) tuition’ Whether the speaker who distorts the signifier of a notion knows or does not know the precise meaning of it is not relevant.

ThoRe din ke lie prem-vrem bhuˆlaˆ kar saˆraˆ dhyaˆn paRhaˆˆı par lagaˆo ‘being in love with love (by feeling the feeling) necessarily ends up with lust and a person blinded by lust is unable to see the right path . . this is why you should keep away from emotionality . . now go . . forget this silly business of love (love-echo) and devote your whole attention to your studies’ The echo construction on prem ‘‘love’’ is a simple summary and translation of the argument previously stated (without reduplication), but it is meant to have a stronger e¤ect on the hearer.

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