Apparitions of the Self: The Secret Autobiographies of a by Janet Gyatso, Parul Dave Mukherji

By Janet Gyatso, Parul Dave Mukherji

An research into what's recognized in Tibet as "secret autobiography", a literary style that offers a private exploration of intimate non secular reports. The textual content specializes in the key autobiographies by way of the Tibetan Buddhist visionary, Jigme Lingpa (1730-1798), whose writings are as a lot the character of his personal identification, reminiscence and the undecidabilities of autobiographical fact as they're narrations of the particular content material of his personal reports. The e-book examines the questions of why Tibetan Buddhists produced such a lot of autobiographies, and the way autobigraphical self-assertion is feasible even whereas Buddhists think that the self is finally an phantasm. additionally explored are Jigme Lingpa's old milieu, his revelatory visions of the traditional Tibetan dynasty, and his mediative practices of private cultivation

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Still, for the sake of guiding faithful disciples I shall here make manifest my visionary experiencesa dancing moon in the water. And so. From a siitra, All phenomena are like a dream, Subhiiti. If there were to be some phenomenon beyond the phenomenon of nirv~a. even that would be like a dream, like an illusion. Thus have I taught. Subhiiti, all phenomena are imperfect, imputed. Although they don't exist, they appear, like a dream, like an illusion. And, from the Bodhiclirya:vatara, Tigers, lions, elephants, bears snakes, enemies, guards of hell beings, cursors as well as demonsall of them will be bound by binding only this mind.

Autobiography has long been assumed by literary theorists to be a distinctively Western genre, and largely limited to modernity. What is it doing in' the traditional, nonmodern society of Tibet, an Asian country that, unlike most of its neighbors, had virtually no contact with the West prior to the twentieth century, indeed, was never subjected to colonial occupation until the Chinese invasion of 1950? More · pointedly yet, what is autobiography doing in a Buddhist culture that cherishes as its fundamental maxim the thesis that the self is an illusion and ultimately nonexistent?

When that vanishes, the experiences vanish, DANCING' MOON IN THE WATER 21 and realization dawnsa sign that one is seeing the truth, the. meaning, which is unformulated. 6. I reached the ultimate in reciting, achieving, and assuming the activity of the Doubly Secret Heart-Mind Practice teachings. During the taking of powers, the marked, material statue moved, I thought. The three spheres of the heruka of the inner awareness field, which are to be clarified and stabilized, became those of a champion athlete.

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