Approaches to Slavic Interaction by Nadine Thielemann, Peter Kosta

By Nadine Thielemann, Peter Kosta

This quantity presents an summary of present learn priorities within the research of face-to-face-interaction in Slavic conversing language groups. The center of this quantity levels from discourse research within the culture of interactional linguistics and dialog research to more moderen tools of politeness study. an additional box comprises empirical and interpretive equipment of contemporary sociolinguistics and statistical research of spoken language in informal and institutional talks. numerous papers specialise in a semantic or syntactic research of talk-in-interaction through attempting to convey how interlocutors use definite lexical, grammatical, syntactic and multimodal or prosodic capacity for the administration of interplay in acting particular activities, genres and showing negotiations of epistemic, evidential or evaluative stances. the amount is rounded out via contributions to the speculation of politeness the place ideas of face-work in informal in addition to institutional discourse are analyzed, or within which social projects entertained via code-switching and language alternation in the interplay of bilinguals are mentioned.

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A rise that is stronger than that of the continuing intonation indicated by a comma, but not the same rise as question intonation. ↓ Sharp fall in pitch. = No perceptible pause between lines. 9) Numbers in parentheses indicate the duration of a pause or silence, measured in tenths of a second : Lengthening of the sound preceding the colon. The more colons, the longer the sound. [ Overlap. 33 Reanimating responsibility The weź-V2 (take-V2) double  imperative in Polish interaction Jörg Zinken This study analyses the use of the Polish weź-V2 (take-V2) double imperative to request here-and-now actions.

Language 82 (3): 515–535. Sacks, Harvey. 1992 [1967–1968]. ). Oxford: Blackwell. , and Jefferson, Gail. 1974. ” Language 50 (4): 696–735. Schegloff, Emanuel A. 1996. ), 3–35. Heidelberg: Springer. Talking out of turn Selting, Margret. 2000. ” Language in Society 29: 477–517. Silverstein, Michael. 2005. ” In LACUS Forum XXXI: Interconnections, Adam Makkai, William J. Sullivan and Arle R. ), 35–54. Houston, TX: Lacus. Thompson, Sandra A. and Couper-Kuhlen, Elizabeth. 2005. ” Discourse Studies 7: 481–505.

Although the discourse roles are defined by the very nature of the radio interview – there is at least one interviewer and one interviewee – both are vying for a position in the conversation and both often want to make a particular point. These interviews are platforms for political statements, explanations, exposés and so on. In the Brighton Beach interviews, the interview dynamic is entirely different. The interviewees are reflecting on their lives and language; there is no sense of taking a political stance or making a point in an argument.

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