Armenian for Everyone: Western And Eastern Armenian in by Gayane V Hagopian

By Gayane V Hagopian

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E. "kl has still mostly a general subordinating function in the clause". Vriezen ' s article successfully proves that kl-c1auses may - among other nuances - have con­ cessive meanings; cf. also Muilenburg 1 96 1 . 38 Michel notes that kl clauses may take causal, conditional and concessive meanings, all typical semantic meanings of a circumstantial clause (2004, 52). 39 Kamil 385, 7, quoted from Reckendorf ( l 898, 550). I ntroduction 30 accept as CQ the Vpref in constructions like MWA ga 'ali1 [yabkuna} ' they began [weeping to weep] ' , and GA tarakat-hu yal 'ab ' she let him play ' (both with the pattern Vsuff+[0-Vpref]), in which "circum­ stantial clauses are governed by verbs whose literal meanings have faded and which have come to indicate merely Aktionsarten or modes of action" (Fischer 2002, § 432).

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