Associative Polymers in Aqueous Media by J. Edward Glass (Eds.)

By J. Edward Glass (Eds.)

content material: Amphiphilic polyoxyalkylene triblock copolymers : self-assembly, part behaviors, and new purposes / Tianbo Liu ... [et al.] --
PEP-PEO block copolymers as version procedure for the research of micellization in aqueous answer / J. Allgaier ... [et al.] --
Amphiphilic block copolymers as surfactants in emulsion polymerization / Matthias Gerst, Horst Schuch, and Dieter city --
The instruction of well-defined water soluble-swellable (co)polymers via atom move radical polymerization / Krzystof Matyjaszewski ... [et al.] --
Hybrid dendritic drugs : homes and binding services of amphiphilic copolymers with linear dendritic structure / Ivan Gitsov --
Inter- and intra-molecular aggregation of associating polymers in water / Joseph Selb and Françoise Candau --
Collapsed and prolonged polysoaps / O.V. Borisov and A. Halperin --
answer constitution and shear thickening habit of ionomers and hydrophobically associating polymers / Srinivas Nomula, Sharon Ma, and Stuart L. Cooper --
decision of aggregation numbers in aqueous ideas of hydrophobically transformed polymers through fluorescent probe options / Olga Vorobyova and Mitchell A. Winnik --Behavior of branched-terminal, hydrophobe-modified, ethoxylated urethanes / Peter T. Elliott ... [et al.] --
Synthesis and characterization of good outlined end-functionalized hydrocarbon and perfluorocarbon derivatives of polyethyleneoxide and poly(N, N-dimethylacrylamide) / Thieo E. Hogen-Esch, Huashi Zhang, and David Xie --
Dynamics in adsorbed polymer layers / Maria M. Santore, Zengli Fu, and Ervin Mubarekyan --
Dispersions containing PEO with C₁₆ hydrophobes : adsorption and rheology / Q.T. Pham ... [et al.] --
strength research of adsorbed layers of hydrophobically transformed polyacrylamide / P.T. Starkey ... [et al.] --
Complexations of beta-cyclodextrin with surfactants and hydrophobically transformed ethoxylated urethanes : analytical software in adsorption measurements / Zeying Ma and J. Edward Glass --
organization thickener by way of host-guest interplay of [beta]-cyclodextrin polymers and visitor polymers / Gerhard Wenz, Meik Weickenmeier, and Jürgen Huff --
Fluorescent labels : flexible instruments for learning the organization of amphiphilic polymers in water / Françoise M. Winnik, Sudarshi T.A. Regismond, and Dan F. Anghel --The adsorption and floor dilatational rheology of unmodified and hydrophobically converted EHEC, measured via axisymmetric drop form research / Rolf Myrvold, Finn Knut Hansen, and Björn Lindman --
How a lot surfactant binds to an associating polymer? The HMHEC/SDS case revisited / Lennart Piculell ... [et al.] --
choice of the thickening mechanism of a hydrophobically converted alkali soluble emulsion utilizing dynamic viscosity measurements / C.M. Miller, K.R. Olesen, and G.D. Shay --
The community power and junction density of a version HASE polymer in non-ionic surfactant recommendations / W.P. Seng ... [et al.] --
Rheology of a HASE associative polymer and its interplay with non-ionic surfactants / R.J. English ... [et al.].

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Also the autocorrelation function g (i) is obtained, which, by use of the CONTIN-algorithm, gives the particle size distribution (PSD) referring to 2R . The maximum resolution of the PSD is given by the following: In a bimodal distribution the components are recognized if the diameters differ by a factor of three or more. The small diameter is assigned to single micelles, the bigger one to aggregates of micelles which were also detected with the analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC). ch003 2 2 4 h 2 h Figure 5: Evaluation of the micelle diameter 2 R from dynamic light scattering data of P(PIB134-b-MAA 14s) in aqueous solution at 25°C using the CONTIN algorithm; - scattering angle 30°, —scattering angle 90°.

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