Asymmetric Watermarking Schemes by Eggers, Su, Girod

By Eggers, Su, Girod

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The bulb appearance is explained by effect of escaping Ar gas through the sample surface. Similar AFM examination was accomplished on PE implanted with 63 keV Ar ions and 155 keV Xe ions to the flunces from 1x1013-3x1015 cm-2 [117]. The irradiation to lowest fluence does not result in any significant change in the PE surface morphology but at higher fluences rather dramatic changes are observed. New structures appear on the PE surface and the surface roughness increases in comparison with that of pristine PE, the increase being larger for Ar ions.

If the material is too elastic, compliant, flexible and irreversibly deformable, it does not allow the anchorage of cells, even if the ligands for adhesion receptors are present in satisfactory amounts and accessibility, and are bound by these receptors. Such type of substrate cannot resist the cell tractional forces generated by the assembling cytoskeleton. For example, when collagen was adsorbed or covalently bound on glass or hard polyacrylamide gel (PAG), the vascular smooth muscle cells were normally spread with multiple streak-like focal adhesion sites and rich actin cytoskeleton, and were viable.

The profiles were determined from ERDA measurement performed with 2 MeV alpha particles [122]. The depth resolution was about 50 nm. It is seen that significant H depletion starts at the fluence of about 1x1014 cm-2. Figure 19. Depth profiles of oxygen incorporated into the surface layer of PE implanted with 150 keV Sb ions to the following fluences: 2x1013 ( ), 1x1014 (o), 2x1014 (+), 1x1015 (Δ) and 2x1015 cm-2 (♦) [125]. Bačáková and V. Švorčík At highest ion fluences the H and O contents achieves a saturated value which vary from 50-70 % of their original value in pristine polymer.

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