Beginning JBoss Seam: From Novice to Professional by Joseph Faisal Nusairat

By Joseph Faisal Nusairat

JBoss Seam represents the first counter to the new and profitable Spring Framework and maybe even Ruby on Rails framework. The open resource light-weight Java EE five criteria established JBoss Seam framework is part of this moment wave of open resource light-weight Java that’s happening. starting JBoss Seam: From beginner to specialist goals to exploit this scorching region, and goals to be first starting publication and one in all possibly books to industry during this most likely profitable zone. This e-book offers an summary of Seam similar JSF and EJB three as present in Java EE five; offers info at the instruments to make improvement with Seam more uncomplicated in addition to a functioning extensive demo to really how you can use Seam; and provides suggestions and tips to utilizing Seam.

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This data can be set at any time and will be stored for as long as the server is alive. The type of data that is stored in a ServletContext context is usually something such as names of states or names of countries—items that are the same for any user and generally not too large. ServletRequest, which is passed as a parameter to the Servlet(s) processing methods. The data that is set on ServletRequest is typically tied to a response for a single round-trip to the server. A round-trip consists of a request that originates from the web page, is sent to the servlet, and is then sent back to the web page.

Well, fret no longer—they are here and have been given good support. Before 17 18 CHAPTER 1 ■ WHAT IS JBOSS SEAM? (with Java), the only way to use enums was to create a class and have it contain a bunch of static variables. However, even if you are familiar with C and C++ enums, these enums are different and much more powerful. Instead of glorified integer holders, these enums are more like objects, and are even comparable and serializable. Listing 1-8 shows an example. Listing 1-8. An Example of an Enum in Java 5 enum Week { Monday, Tuesday, Wedensday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday}; Varargs This step is designed to save you time rather than give you added functionality.

The other two objects will take a bit more explanation. ActionForm is a Struts object used to represent the request data that the user has sent over. This object allows us to have a more concrete implementation that is defined in an XML file. Notice that in the method itself, ActionForm is casted to DynaActionForm. DynaActionForm is a DynaBean, which are type-safe maps. This means that in a configuration file, you can specify that this object is being stored as a Boolean. This is useful because all objects sent over from the browser—whether numbers or letters—are strings by default.

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