Biodiversity and Natural Product Diversity by F. Pietra

By F. Pietra

This, the newest contribution to the Tetrahedron natural Chemistry sequence, offers an built-in overview of the range of ordinary items on the subject of biodiversity. the continued exploitation of organic assets, whereas retaining an efficient equilibrium on the earth, relies a lot at the conservation of biodiversity. To this finish, components one and concentrate on biodiversity from all viewpoints, whereas explaining the hyperlink with common items. The 3rd part concentrates at the molecular-shape point, as a hyperlink to environment and biodiversity, whereas the fourth part tackles real functionalization, as a hyperlink to biodiversity at species point. half 5 addresses the diversification of those assets from biotechnology and chemical expertise, whereas the ultimate half is anxious with retaining usual product variety on the earth.

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P~ Rh~l~h. 4S) ( p~eemine Podf. 37) Chapter 7. The oceans 59 bioactive thiazole-containing macrolide, and new sesterterpenes and norsesterterpenes. 11 Arctic Scymnol, a polyhydroxylated cholestane sterol of the bile alcohol class, isolated from the Arctic shark, Scymnus borealis, is one of the few new metabolites described from Arctic species. It is quite similar to ciprinol, however, isolated from the freshwater carp, Cyprinus carpio (Scheuer 1973). 4) may be included here. 12 Antarctic The Antarctic marine area has been widely explored thanks to various international projects, mostly geological but also involving the collection of living organisms.

Patella from GBR: Wipf 2000A). , Bact. from PNG: Gerard 1999); phakellistatins: 8 (Phakelliaspp. Axinel. and Stylotella aurantium Kelly-Borges and Bergquist, Halichon. Porif. from W Pacific: Delbert 1997). 48) IoloatJn B a c t . N~==O N 0 0 0%. 55) ' A$cid. ulithiacydamide A s c i d . 55) "statin 8 Porif Chapter 7. 32) Aplysamines and hemibastadins: (Verongida, Porif. from Hawaii and PNG: Pettit, 1996); bastadins: (lanthella spp. , Verongida, Porif. from W Pacific: Franklin 1996); caprolactins: (unident.

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