Blood and Soil: Walther Darre and Hitler's Green Party by Anna Bramwell

By Anna Bramwell

Vitally important ebook.

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My point here is not that the Catholic Inquisition is to blame for modern totalitarianism. It is, rather, that what we see emerging in the various Inquisitions is a phenomenon with particular characteristics that recurs again in the twentieth century. I believe that it is vitally important for us to understand as fully as possible the nature of this phenomenon, to throw light on how it recurs in the twentieth century, even in the works of authors who would seem disconnected from one another and even to be opponents of one another.

And he imagined a disciplined elite, along the lines of Lenin’s Bolsheviks, who would govern society on behalf of the masses whom, he thought, they would represent in a kind of new social unity. War was the means through which this new social order would come about. Thus Sorel was predisposed to embrace whatever new movement came along that might represent such sweeping social changes—and thus he was destined to be per- georges sorel and charles maurras 41 petually disappointed by reality. A hater of self-deceiving intellectuals, he was himself the most self-deceived intellectual of all.

9 Thus the ideal state, in Maistre’s view, is one in which there is a tribunal to maintain orthodoxy in what has become a national religion, indeed, something akin to a unified theocratic state. 10 In his view, the interests of state and religion become one. And if one accepts this unity, then, indeed, heresy becomes not merely a matter of freedom of thought, but in effect a crime against the state. Maistre detests individualism. 12 One cannot have a “multiheaded” leadership—the idea itself is ridiculous, Maistre contends.

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