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Vehicle journal - June 2014
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The domestic for definitive automobile information and knowledge, vehicle scoops and highway checks, automobile reports and primary drives at the highway.

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We have come to appreciate the F40 for what it is: a single-minded, focused supercar. Forget usability and comfort. If you want to go to the shops for a loaf, take the wife’s Yaris. Its ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude did not always entice nice words, particularly from Gavin, but we all eventually recognised its singleminded brilliance. According to reviews it wires itself into your nervous system and leaves you with a high long after the journey has ended. Which made me think: do we dismiss similar single-minded vehicles too easily?

Simon Perry seems to have been chosen as an anchor because Simon Perry is not Jim Rosenthal. The way Simon Perry refers to the other presenters as ‘the boys’ makes me want to punch myself in the face until I am rendered completely insensible. But the most annoying thing about all of it is the way this puerile treatment is reserved for Formula One in particular, as though the BBC Sport team believes it’s the only way it can get viewers interested in all those boring cars, droning round in circles.

If the engine does need to kick in to top up the batteries, it will, but the transition between electric and petrol is all but undetectable. No allowances need to be made to your driving style: the car will always choose the most efficient mode. Generally, that will be EV mode at lower speeds, and electric motors supported by the engine at higher speeds. You can dial up a higher rate of battery regeneration by flipping a steering wheel paddle to recoup more power during deceleration, which brings the bonus of reducing brake wear.

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