Car Mechanics [UK] (June 2016)

Review: vehicle Mechanics is the UK's in basic terms automobile journal with crucial suggestion on protecting and repairing renowned makes and models.

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8 The two slider bolts need to be cleaned with abrasive paper and covered in a small amount of copper grease to ensure the caliper is free to move along them. It was refitted with new Febi brake pads and the slider bolts were tightened to 30Nm. 9 NEW REAR DISCS & PADS Renewing the rear discs and pads is a little quicker than the fronts because the caliper carrier doesn’t need to be removed. However, the slider bolts are a different design and have to be undone with 13mm and 15mm spanners. After prising off the caliper, we discovered the brake pads were a little more worn than the fronts, but the discs weren’t as bad.

Wiper motors are also prone to failure. The 9-5 has heavy-duty wiper arms, and their weight can cause premature wear to the motors, so look for juddering as the wipers pass across the screen. A replacement motor will set you back around £100, but is a fairly easy fix provided you can free off the wiper arms from the spindles – a day soaking in penetrating oil should do it, but unless the weather is dry it will render the car off the road. Running gear Suspension-wise, the 9-5 is generally hard wearing, although even in saloon form it has an appetite for rear shock absorbers.

And you have the consolation of knowing that the stolen caps will most likely weld to his own valves, then he’ll have to cough up for four new ones. Poetic justice? Karl Sheridan Martyn Knowles responds: I’ve also experienced this welding of valve caps to brass valves. A good tip is to spray a small amount of white grease inside the valve caps prior to fitting. Anyone else tried this method? uk/carmechanics  LETTER BRAKING BAD X I’ve noticed on a number of occasions in CM that advice has been given that brake pads can be reused provided they have 2mm of friction material remaining and have always assumed that you’d made a mistake.

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