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A floor adequately strong and reasonably level is all that is requires for the location of an absorption machine. However, it is to the engineers advantage to consider other aspects of machine location. 1. It should be located so that the installation costs of the piping between the unit and the equipment it supplies and the wiring and piping of the services to the unit are at a minimum. 2. There should be sufficient space near the machine for auxiliary equipment such as chilled water and condenser water pumps and piping.

Cooling towers are generally used, but river, lake cases the optimum tower selection will indicate a or well water can also be used when available in sufficient condenser water temperature higher than the quantity and temperature. temperature normally estimated, which is usually 7 to 10 If the condenser water source is a lake, river, well or degrees above the design wet-bulb temperature. This existing process water, the maximum expected water may mean a considerable saving in cooling tower cost by temperature should be used in selecting the machine.

45 F. 97) The absorption machine is selected to handle the remainder of the system design load. 1500 – 545 = 955 tons. APPORTIONMENT OF CHILLED WATER COOLING Determine the entering and leaving chilled water temperature for the centrifugal and absorption machine portion of the system design load based on series chilled water flow with the chilled water passing first thru the centrifugal machine. The total required chilled water temperature range is proportioned between the centrifugal and absorption machines in the same ratio as the tonnage.

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