Case-Marking in Contact: The development and function of by Felicity Meakins

By Felicity Meakins

Till lately, combined languages have been thought of an oddity of touch linguistics, with debates approximately whether they truly existed stifling a lot descriptive paintings or dialogue in their origins. those debates have shifted from wondering their lifestyles to a spotlight on their formation, and their social and structural good points. This ebook goals to improve our knowing of the way combined languages evolve through introducing a considerable corpus from a newly-described combined language, Gurindji Kriol. Gurindji Kriol is spoken by means of the Gurindji those who stay at Kalkaringi in northern Australia and is the results of pervasive code-switching practices. even though Gurindji Kriol bears a few resemblance to either one of its resource languages, it makes use of the varieties from those languages to operate inside a different method. This e-book makes a speciality of one structural element of Gurindji Kriol, case morphology, that is from Gurindji, yet capabilities in ways in which fluctuate from its resource.

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Chapter 8 considers goal marking in Gurindji Kriol. Gurindji distinguishes animate goals from inanimate goals in the use of case marking. Inanimate goals are allative-marked (with place names optionally unmarked), and animate goals receive 9 10 Case-Marking in Contact allative case marking, dative case marking or a combination of these suffixes. Kriol uses the same locative preposition to indicate goals, langa, with some nominals also found optionally unmarked. Animate goals are only distinguished in the distribution of marking.

It begins with McConvell and Meakins' (2005) observation that code-switching between Gurindji and Kriol was a precursor of the mixed language, which is evidence against the claim that code-switching cannot lead to mixed language genesis (see for example Bakker, 200 3a). Yet in the case of Gurindji Krio~ code-switching 7 8 Case-Marking in Contact provided the bridge for the fusion of the Gurindji and Kriol inflectional systems to produce a single morpho-syntactic frame. x:es in the mixed clause.

This process began at the code-switching stage where potential switch sites were created as a result of perceived matches between elements in the interacting languages. With respect to case-marked nominals, these elements corresponded with Kriol functional equivalents such as prepositional phrases, and were typologically compatible. Thus potential switch sites were the points of friction between Gurindji and Kriol with the result of competition between functional equivalents. Through the process of competition, variation played an important role as both a result of competition and a factor that drives ongoing change in the mixed language.

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