Game of Thrones References

Like millions of other around the globe, I enjoy ‘Game of Thrones.’ I watched the first season and then started reading the books. I am reading in tandem the latest two – A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. I even started a blog on GoT but didn’t post that much on it. Every few months I have an idea for a GoT post, so I will just add them to this blog that is much like ‘Seinfeld’ in that there really isn’t a premise.

For a while I was keep tracking of GoT references in other TV shows. At first there would be one every once in a while. Now it seems to be the thing to do. Most of the shows I watch that are set in the current time in history have mentioned GoT.

I am currently binge watching ‘Game of Thrones’ and am on season five. Ben(Adam Scott) is a fan of GoT. Leslie(Amy Poehler) makes a unity quilt that features their favorite things. For Ben, it’s a calculator with a heart on the display(he’s an accountant) and the Game of Thrones logo. It seems I remember another GoT reference but can’t remember it. I may Google it later if I remember, but I don’t want to spoil anything I haven’t seen yet.

It makes me happy that a show/book series I love is so freaking popular.

Duck Dynasty Finale

One of my new favorite shows is Duck Dynasty. It is the story about the Robertsons who make duck calls in Louisiana. Phil Robertson started the business and built it up. Then his son Willie became CEO and has really expanded their brand. It’s a great show. Their funny and genuine – full of good old-fashioned values – a rarity for television for sure.

Last night was the season finale but at least we had two new episodes. The first episode was about a cook-off between the men and the women with Phil being the judge. The dish? Turkey. Of course Jase and Si went turkey hunting – which was hilarious. A&E could do a spin-off show just around Jase and Si. So they are sitting side-by-side waiting for the turkeys to make their way to their decoy. When the turkeys arrive, Jase tells Si to shoot the one on the left – to which Si replies “my left or yours?” The look on Jase’s face was priceless since left is the same for both of them. I had a good laugh over that one and even find myself chuckling when writing about it.

That is what I enjoy most about the show – it’s funny. I am sad the season has ended but I enjoy the reruns – think that’s a first as I have never watch repeats of reality shows. Oh and FYI, the girls won the turkey cook-off.

TV Shows

Sometimes it is very nice to watch TV all by yourself. Or sometimes I watch them all by myself because my husband is working late – so I am always watching new shows that I think will appeal more to me than him. That way I can watch those shows when he isn’t at home.

One show I recently started watching is Shameless starring William H. Macy who we both love as an actor. He will always be James Sandecker to us as we love Sahara. But anyway, back to Shameless. It stars Macy as a father of five who stays drunk or high most of the time. It is up to his older kids – especially Fiona- to provide for the family. His character really is shameless.

So we both watched three episodes – it was a marathon of shows since they were getting ready for the season finale. My husband seemed to watch it but didn’t seem to care for it. So I thought I had found a show I can watch by myself. Well the finale rolls around and we miss it but it re-airs later in the week. I set the DVR to record but wound up watching it in the bedroom. My husband watches something else that he is not that interested in because the DVR is set to record two shows. I tell him he could watch this and he is like “not without you..” Well at first I took this as Shameless had become one of our shows like Game of Thrones – one we watch together and get mad if the other watches an episode without us. But he might have meant it as he didn’t want to watch it if I wasn’t in there since I would enjoy it. But I really think he meant it the first scenario.

It is so hard to find shows that we both don’t like since our tastes are so similar. Sigh. Maybe I will have to find some chick flick movies to watch. He won’t complain if I watch without him – well at least for most chick flick movies.

The Fall Guy

“The Fall Guy” with Lee Majors is one of my all-time favorite shows. It is not necessarily because of the show itself but for the theme song. “The Fall Guy” has one of the best theme songs of any show in my opinion.

When I worked at a TV station in another town, our photographer also loved the show. Everyday at 3pm “The Fall Guy” would air on our station. If we were in the building, he would stop by my office and tell me the show was about to come on. Then we would proceed to the end office that had a TV in it to watch the intro and to listen to that great song. At 3pm, I would still have two hours of work before quitting time and hearing that song would give me just the boost I needed to make it to 5pm.

I miss those days. It’s nice to have that little something ‘extra’ at work with co-workers that makes the day more bearable.You never realize how special something like that is until you don’t have it.

The song still makes me think of the good times and makes me smile. Maybe I should add it to Zune so that I can play it everyday at 3pm. It might be just the thing to help me finish my to-do list each day.

Less TV, More Productivity

This is something that I have always known. TV robs you of time you could spend doing something else. But I find watching TV a way to escape and relax. I’ve been reading about other bloggers who have given up television in lieu of pursuing their interests. Since I love TV and want to grow my writing career, I have come to a compromise.

While I’m not giving up television, I am cutting back. I do enjoy watching “Days of our Lives” every day. It’s my guilty pleasure. Some people read trashy romance novels to get their escapism fix. I turn on DOOL. I also usually watch primetime television. Primetime. That should be my first indication that TV is taking my prime (or best) hours from me. I like to wind down at night but find that I enjoy writing during the evening hours. We enjoy watching television shows by the season instead of waiting each week for a new episode. So we will cut down our TV watching during primetime to our Netflix discs. Without the commercials, you shave a bunch of time off an episode.

Two shows I cannot give up are “The Biggest Loser” and “Survivor.” The BL is inspiring and helps me stay motivated on my diet. “Survivor” is another escapism. So I may still lose some prime time hours but if I can gain a few each week, then maybe I can make the most of the time.

Ghost Hunters

One of my new favorite shows is Ghost Hunters. Each Wednesday Sci-Fi has a block of their shows. Last week was the mid-season finale so now they are all reruns. But to newish viewers like me, there are plenty of their shows that I haven’t seen.

My husband thinks some of the in fighting drama is staged especially with Brian Harnois. It seems Brian is always messing up something and then lies about it. I’m not sure if he is still part of the TAPS organization or not. It seems he may be on Ghost Hunters International, which I haven’t seen yet. GHI will be back on the air in July.

My favorite evidence they get are EVPs -electronic voice phenomena. I especially like the ones that are words or sentences. It’s very entertaining.

I like the other ghost hunting shows but Ghost Hunters is my favorite. I know that they are edited and done for TV. So I take it all in as entertainment and not necessarily as evidence of ghosts. TV is just too fake to believe any of these ‘reality’ shows but I do enjoy watching them.

Celebrity Apprentice

I used to be a big of the Apprentice but now I watch it when I think about it. The Celebrity Apprentice is kind of fun to watch and this season has been full full or drama, name calling, and hostility. Last night was no exception.

They are down to the final six including Melissa and Joan Rivers. Both of these ladies are spit fires and are very passionate and vocal. They defend and take up for one another. Last night Melissa was fired and even more name calling and cat fighting took place. It was a little uncomfortable to watch because all I could think is ‘gee, I hope they aren’t like this in real life.’

I figured that when one of them was fired, the other would throw a hissy fit and that’s what happened last night. Melissa left the board room immediately after being fired and started cussing saying she wanted her stuff. She kept telling I’m guessing the producer that she wasn’t coming back to do the farewell interview. Joan was in the loft huffing and a puffing, too. She gathered up her things and said she would not be back the next day. But not before she called Annie Duke and Brande Roderick every horrible name imaginable.

Here is why Melissa was fired. It’s all about the board room. Whoever shows the most passion during the board room stays. The other two ladies showed passion and maybe a spark that had been missing. Besides I think Trump knew it would be ‘good tv’ to fire Melissa. He knew that this would happen but it was bound to sooner or later. Joan Rivers is very mean spirited and if she showed her true colors on the Apprentice, then I’m glad I’ve never bought any of her product lines or things she has endorsed.

Biggest Loser

Tonight is another new episode of The Biggest Loser. I like to watch because it motivates me to stay with my diet. This year they have some of the heaviest contestants ever.

I didn’t like the twist of the families members being sent home and then after thirty days if their partner was still in the game then so would they. I am glad to see the teams reunited. Tonight’s episode looks like the youngest player actually gains weight. Not sure what he is doing wrong. Some times weight just doesn’t drop. Everyone loses differently and that’s the hardest thing to keep motivated when you see a gain or no weight loss. But you just have to keep at it.

This is the show that I have to watch each week. It keeps me going all week long.

‘Lost’ Season Premiere

Last night was the ‘Lost’ season five premiere. Finally. It was at least a two hour episode and did answer some questions. It’s definitely feeling like the island is less mysterious – well at least in the way that we seem to know more about it. The survivors of the crash must return to the island to save everyone they left behind and we are beginning to see some who are on board with that idea.

We see what happened to those left on the island. Apparently the island is moving – through both space and time as we see the characters in a bind more than once in the two hour premiere. I kept thinking of “Quantum Leap” and could hear the characters saying, “Al why haven’t I leaped yet?” as guns are pointing at their heads. Luckily the group has Daniel Farraday who does his best to explain what is happening. They are still at the beach after the first leap but camp is gone. Daniel says they need to find a manmade structure, so they go to the hatch that the castaways blew up. The hatch is at first blown up. Then after another leap, it is intact. Saywer goes to the backdoor to get Desmond’s attention since he knows he will be there pushing that button every 108 seconds. Daniel tells him that it’s all in vain and you can’t change the past. Then Daniel has an idea and falls behind the group that has decided to return to the beach.

Daniel beats on the door for a while and Desmond appears. Daniel tells him to find his mom in Oxford where they first met. Desmond awakes from a dream on the boat with Penny and tells her about this memory. He then goes topside on the boat and sets the course for Oxford.

Meanwhile, Locke is separated from the others. During the first leap, he sees a plane crash and follows it. It’s the drug-runner plane that him and Boone explored that eventually led to Boone’s death(boo hiss!! sorry I was really beginning to like Boone when he died on the show) Of course the others send Ethan to the plane crash where he confronts Locke. Ethan is unimpressed Locke knows his name and shoots him in the leg. Ethan is about to finish him off when the island leaps again(see? just at the right moment like “Quantum Leap”).

Locke is resting in the plane when Richard – the Other – finds Locke and gives him a compass. He also tells him the next time he sees him, he won’t know who he is. Obviously, Richard knows what is going on. Richard also tells Locke that the only way to save the island is for Locke to go home to convince the six to come back. Oh and Locke must die. Locke eventually finds Juliet and Sawyer – rescuing them from either the Others or Dharma(hard to tell what point in time it is).

Back in L.A., Jack and Ben steal Locke’s body since Locke must return with them to the island. Sayid breaks Hurley out of the mental institution but not before killing someone outside keeping an eye on him. Sayid takes Hurley to a safe house that has been broken into. He knows this because the piece of Scotch tape on the frame is torn. Sayid fights the bad guys. They die and Hurley looks like the one who did it. They escape but during the escape Hurley is pulled over the Anna-Lucia – a cop who died on the island. She tells him to get a change of clothes and to take Sayid somewhere safe. Hurley goes home to enlist the help of his father.

His father takes him to Jack who then takes him to the hospital where Jack seems to have free reign to do whatever. Sayid comes around because apparently he wasn’t shot but tranquilized. Ben visits Hurley to tell him he needs to come with him and Jack. Hurley decides he would rather turn himself into the police who are now watching the house. Hurley is arrested while Ben watches.

Ben takes Locke’s body to a butcher shop. Apparently he knows the butcher. Possibly another Other who agrees to keep Locke safe for Ben. the episode ends with a woman doing calculations in the basement of a church. We see her with Ben who tells him he has 70 hours to get everyone on board with the idea of going back. Ben is not sure he can do it. The woman then removes her hood to reveal that to the audience who she is. It’s Ms. Hawking. Then she says God help us all if Ben fails to get everyone back to the island.