A Farewell to Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is my go-to pain reliever. It has been a staple in my life ever since I landed my first job out of college over twenty years ago.

I worked at a television station in the production department. Working there gave me many headaches as I thought surely I was allergic to the place and to the people. Still I managed through many eight hour shifts thanks in part to ibuprofen.

Ibuprofen also helped me bare the pain of impacted wisdom teeth and then removal of said wisdom teeth. I have taken many ibuprofen tablets for PMS cramps. It also helped with pain from two surgeries: a myomectomy and years later, a c-section.

Lately I have been devouring ibuprofen for sinus headaches and allergy symptoms. But alas, it looks like those days are over. Results from my physical show elevated liver levels – which I’m not sure what that means only that my doctor asked me if I took ibuprofen to which I said yes. Then she said to stop that. My

10K Steps

Today as we were finishing up some lawn work, my arm vibrated. Ok so it was my Fitbit on my arm that vibrated to alert me that I had reached 10,000 steps. It took me by surprise because it didn’t seem like I had taken that many today.

It’s a Saturday and besides mowing the lawn, there is nothing I did that was really out of the ordinary. I’m glad to reach 10,000 steps without trying. It makes me sad that I can’t do this during the week. Stupid desk job.

10,000 steps. This is a goal that I’ve reached less than twenty times in the 3 plus years I’ve worn a Fitbit. Tomorrow I will try to reach 10,000 again with another goal of reaching 10K at least once during the week.

“D” Day

2012 is quickly approaching and with it new goals for the brand new year. One goal of mine is to finish losing this extra weight. 2011 I lost about 30 pounds but still have at least 20 to go. I have been off the dieting wagon and will climb aboard Tuesday, January 3rd since I do not like to start dieting on Monday.

I will be going back on Atkins since it works so well for me. Hopefully with exercise and dieting, I can lost the rest of this weight in six months.

Dieting is not fun but I am ready to start losing weight again. Plus I’ve eaten enough sweets lately that my taste buds are looking forward to a break.

My 1st 5K

Friday I completed my first 5K. I began walking/running in October and consider myself to be a casual runner. I hope one day to be able to run farther, longer, and faster. For now I’m doing good to make it two miles. I entered a 5K for my 40th birthday which was in February. I had a little over a month to prepare for it.

Between the weather and other stuff, I didn’t get to train as much as I had hoped. So I knew that I would have to walk some of the race – which was disappointing. I wanted to finish in 45 minutes but knew that would be hard since I run/walk a mile in 18 minutes.

I finished the race in 51 minutes and came in 225th. I wasn’t last – which was another goal. It felt wonderful to take part in it. The next one I plan to enter is in May. Hopefully by then I will be able to run it completely and have a better time.

EA Active

I have been excited for the release of two video games – one The Sims 3(out in June) and EA Active which was released May 19th. We bought EA Active a few days ago and I will be buying The Sims 3 once it is available. I already have Wii Fit and do enjoy the game but find it lacking in a few areas. My primary beef is not being able to string games together to make a workout. After each exercise you have to select another one. It takes a few seconds to load and while that may be good to catch your breath or take a drink of water, it does me no good. My mind begins to wander and before I know it, I’m not playing Wii Fit anymore.

But EA Active is very different. You can do the 30 day challenge that is a workout routine already laid out. It’s a good way to get used to the exercises. Then you can build your own workouts. I played yesterday for a 20 minute workout that kicked my tail. I didn’t get back to it today because of dead batteries in the Wiimotes.

I think I like it. I will like it a lot better once I’ve played it more and have figured it out.

Little Debbie 100 Calorie Snacks

One lifesaver when I’m dieting is 100 calorie snacks. It seems most companies now have a 100 calorie alternative to most of their foods.

I tried Little Debbie’s newest one – yellow cake with buttery icing – because it looked yummy. I adore cake and if there is one I can eat on my diet, then it’s worth a try.

While I was disappointed with the size, I wasn’t surprised since it’s only 100 calories. But the taste is awesome and it does hit the spot. I found that the one 100 calorie serving satisfied my sweet tooth and hunger.

I can eat a lot of cake, so to have such a small portion be enough is amazing. The icing has so much flavor, too. I can get over the small size since it really is good. I’ll definitely will be buying these again.

They come six to a pack and sell for under $2. Just look for them with the rest of the Little Debbie boxed snacks at your local store.

Soft Dieting

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight and to exercise. It’s the one I have every year. But this year I plan to make sure I’m successful.

This week I plan to start a soft diet. Basically I’m just trying to cut back without really dieting. Next week I will be starting Weight Watchers. I plan to join online since I know I will never attend a meeting in person. My only fear with doing it online is staying with the program. But if I’m paying for it, then I’m likely to stick with it.

I also plan to buy a good multi-vitamin as it never fails that I get a cold about three weeks into a new diet. It matters not the time of year. I always get sick and derailed from my weightloss progress. And no matter how hard I try, I cannot restart my diet as it just seems that momentum is gone. I believe it takes way more energy to start a diet than to keep on it. Those first few days of adjusting to less food, more water, and exercise are exhausting. But after that you start adjusting. Hopefully i can stay healthy and on my diet for a while.

Some frozen meals are better than others. But they are wonderful to teach portion-control. They are also good in a pinch to have something on your diet when you have no time to cook.

So this week I plan to set up my diet by getting mentally ready and physcially ready.