Broken Candy Canes

Rae loves to lick candy canes but not broken ones. One pack had several broken candy canes. Luckily her dad and I have no qualms with eating broken candy canes. As we discovered broken ones, Rae made some ‘art’ on the floor. I decided to jazz up the picture by applying a few filters to see what would happen.

So much fun to mess with pictures.

Week in Pics

This week can be summed up in one word – graduation. That was the theme as a friend, niece, and nephew all graduated from college. We only attended one – and that one we watched on a big screen. I tried to snap a photo of the grad walking on stage. Apparently I missed her altogether.

We missed one graduation but I did make her a gift – a cthulhu in her school’s colors.

We so want to open a gaming store and checked out this hole in the wall. Not sure of the rent but really curious. It’s small and in downtown. Not much to look at but has a ton of character.

Our last Sunday school session for the year was this past weekend. We have been in the classroom all year and it’s the first time I noticed the K for camera or is it Kamera?

A fox has been hanging out close to the house. He seems sick and not sure what to do for him. I tried Googling lethargic fox and all I got was results for Tiger Woods.

Finally I noticed this when grocery shopping and almost put back all of our food to get it. We can sustain on fun for a week right?

That was our week. Nothing too exciting. I did have a job interview Friday but plan to have a whole blog post about it later today – or next week. I’m planning on today but we’ll just how it goes.

Flower Kick

This Spring I have been on a flower kick. I actually planted some flowers and much to my surprise, they aren’t dead yet. Some are looking a little puny but others are actually thriving. I should have inherited a green thumb. My grandmother had one as well as my mother, so obviously it doesn’t skip a generation. I really like fooling with flowers as I feel it gives me and my mom a common interest. She is not much into computers, gaming, or crocheting.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures of flowers. The magnolia trees are in full bloom and so beautiful. I find it difficult to photograph these to do them justice. I do like this photo. I think the bee(or just a bug?) inside makes it more interesting. That’s one thing we have to watch for. Bees also love the flowers. We have to be careful before we sniff too closely or cut flowers. I’ll turn to Ravelry first for that one.

Week in Pics

It’s another edition of week in pics – and only a few days late. Usually I will try to post this on Sunday. Here we go.

First up a few pics from our trip to the Olive Garden. My husband has been wanting to go to the Olive Garden since they opened in town a few years ago. I like pasta but prefer not to overpay for it. Hubby has been having a crappy time at work lately, so I decided that a trip to the Olive Garden would be a good pick-me-up. Here is Rae enjoying her spaghetti.

Rae and Daddy enjoying spaghetti.

Sporting an umbrella hat with her sun dress. Ready for a sunny day. A word on the hat – I bought a couple of umbrella hats for us probably 15 years ago. It could have been longer. To have an umbrella last half that long would be awesome.

We went to a birthday Princess-themed party complete with a piñata – well not a real one. This one the birthday girl pulled a string to let the candy out. She was at least blindfolded and spun around a few times. Still so many kids disappointed they didn’t get a chance to whack something.

Lollipop from the piñata leaves a blue tongue.

Enjoying Free Comic Book Day!

And making the most of the trip to the grocery store.

More hopefully next week..or sometime. I promise.