Dr. Seuss on the Kindle Fire

Tomorrow – March 2nd – is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. At my daughter’s school, they will be reading Dr. Seuss stories as will many schools. I’m sure Google will have a Dr. Seuss doodle. If you have a Kindle Fire, you can enjoy Dr. Seuss books in a whole new way. I got the Charlie Brown Christmas app for Kindle (it was a free app one day) and it was such a huge hit with my daughter. These book apps are pretty neat. You can either read the book or have it read to you. With Charlie Brown, there were several ways to interact with the book like shaking a tree to find a hidden ornament. I suspect the Dr. Seuss books to be equally awesome since they are from the same company – Oceanhouse Media.

We bought The Lorax since we are going to see the movie this weekend. I thought it would be fun to read the book and then see a movie – something we always try to do. But there are several Dr. Suess books that are available for the Kindle Fire as an app. Most are $1.99. The Lorax was $2.99.

Deleting Kindle Fire Apps

So, Wednesday night we our yearly Christmas dinner with friends. Each year we get together at Christmas and usually share what we’ve bought or learned during the year. It’s like adult show and tell. New computers, phones, tablets, any books read, etc. are all on the table for discussion.

This year I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Well really I got it November 21st – way before Christmas. So I am showing the apps section when wouldn’t you know my friends spot the one app that my husband shamefully – and regretfully – bought, The Playboy app. Yes, Playboy has an app and it is not very good. Not a lot of nudity – so my husband is completely disinterested in it. Maybe it has good articles because they are really famous for that. But it shows up on my Fire in the cloud. He bought it for his tablet and I have never downloaded (and will ever download) for my Fire. But ofcourse this is the one app that my friends notice and get a good chuckle from. It was a little embarrassing and made me wonder just how do you get rid of unwanted apps from your Fire?

Since this app is something that my husband cares nothing about, I didn’t mind if it was permanently deleted – which is a good thing since that seems to be the only way to remove apps from the cloud. I logged into my Amazon account, manage apps, and clicked the options beside the app in question. There is an option to delete the app. I did click it and got a warning that I may have to re-buy it or may not be able to use it if I continue. I clicked on through and now the app is gone.

This could be a good way to get rid of free apps that you install but do not care for. I am not sure I would do it with another paid app unless I just really didn’t like it. Amazon may add this feature in future updates to the Fire. It would be nice to be able to hide it from the cloud. At least there is a way to get rid of it although it’s permanent.

Kindle Fire Security

Have I mentioned lately how much I’m loving my Kindle Fire? There has been some negative reviews about the device – mainly that it’s not an iPad – or real competition for an iPad. But hello? An iPad costs way more – so I would expect much more from an iPad than a $200 tablet/ereader. The Kindle Fire is a nice ereader/tablet. I can do a lot with it. Does it do everything perfectly? Of course not, but I had no expectations that it would. I figure the 2nd generation Kindle Fire will improve it greatly.

One concern that people have is that you can easily buy items from the store since your Amazon account is tied to your Fire. This is true. It is very easy to click and buy apps, movies, books, etc. But you can turn on security to make sure that should your Fire fall into nefarious hands that they won’t be making unauthorized purchases.

Click on the settings icon and then select more. Select security. You can add a lock screen password that you must type to use your Fire. This way you will have to know the password to use the Fire and to make purchases.

I would also suggest that if your Kindle Fire is stolen that you change your Amazon password as soon as possible. Better to be safe than sorry.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Let me start this by saying that I am still loving my Amazon Kindle. I am not much of a reader but have been blazing through virtual pages left and right since September. It is totally awesome. I may never pick up a paperback (or hardback!) book again.

One book that I wanted to read was Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I waited for it to be released, then read the 12 or so reviews on Amazon the day after it was released(some folks were complaining about the Kindle price since it isn’t that much cheaper than the hard copy). I knew that there would be a lot of talk about the book in the coming weeks, so I wanted to read it sooner than later. We meet friends for Christmas lunch every year and we usually talk about the books we have read since our last visit. I knew that this book would be a great one to bring to the discussion table.

According to my Kindle, I’m about 20% through the book. It is a fast read, and I probably would be further but I’m also reading A Storm of Swords. See? I went from a non-reader to reading two books at a time with the Kindle.

So far I am enjoying the book. I have to admit that I didn’t know a lot about Jobs other than what I learned in school books – mainly that was in text as co-founder of Apple. I have an iPod Touch and owned an iPod Shuffle(1st generation). That is the extent of my Apple products – although I covet an iPad. Not a zealous Apple fan, but not a hater either. I read the book with an open mind. That is why I don’t judge Jobs for how he treated people. He seemed to be gruff a lot of the time, but it seemed despite that people still gave him all they had at work. I will give more thoughts and my review of the book when I’m done reading.

It’s a good book though. To me it reads like a VH1 Behind the Music episode(this is a compliment). Good stuff.

Easy Reading

For the past few weeks, I have been reading more thanks to my Amazon Kindle. I find that I can actually read longer with the Kindle than holding a book. It’s been really wonderful to read more than 10 minutes and not have my hands give out or my eyes grow tired from straining.

My husband doesn’t have a reader but he has a tablet – A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. He bought a book Monday for it and is now about 70 pages away from finishing it. He finds it very easy to read on his tablet. For a few days, I think he was jealous of my reading on the Kindle – but now he understands just how easy it is. I’m not sure I will ever buy another paperback book again.

My New Toy

My husband received a bonus at work – which means that we went on a spending spree – and oh what a spree it was! My husband bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Rae bought her some toys, and I got a Kindle 3G! Plus we even paid some bills, too. Overall, it has been the best September ever – or at least in a very long time.

I have been wanting a Kindle for months. I’m not an avid reader – so I worried I just wanted it to have it. So I never bought one but with the extra money came a chance to buy it with less guilt. Since then I have downloaded a few books and a lot of active content (read- games).

At first I was playing more games than reading but that was because I was in the middle of reading A Game of Thrones in paperback. Once I finished it, I started reading A Clash of Kings on the Kindle. Now that I’ve started reading on the Kindle, I can’t remember the last time I played a game.

Anyway, I am really enjoying my Kindle and find that I can actually read more on it than in books. My problem with books is that I like to read in bed, and I get tired of hold the pages open. My hands get tired and it can be hard to see when you get about halfway through the book.

The Kindle is much easier on my eyes and hands. My only regret is not getting the Kindle case with a light. I have really wished for extra light several times already. This may be something I will pick up.

I have to admit that I was really envious of the tablet but love my Kindle. I may become an avid reader after all.