I survived a day out in August in Texas

The heat is ON here in San Antonio. I know it’s a dry heat, but it’s still heat! Today we ate somewhere new and then went to two local attractions: the Kiddie Park and the San Antonio Zoo.

The day started with breakfast at the Mad Hatters tea house and cafe. It’s a charming little place in downtown and very close to the King William district. I didn’t try the tea but did have a bagel. My daughter got a pancake that was as big as the plate and tall as a table. Well not that tall but still a huge, fluffy, sweet pancake. She didn’t like it because of the sweet part but am glad she ate a few bites at least.Some of the other folks we were with feasted on the pancake as well. I meant to get a bite of it to see just how sweet it was.

After Mad Hatters, we went to the Kiddie Park which is a cool little amusement park just for kids with old, metal rides. Today it was half off the regular armband price. Rae rode two rides I think and got her face painted which was extra.

Then it was onto the zoo. It was great to go with people with memberships that included guests! By the time we left the kiddie park, it was already hot. As we walked around the zoo, it just got hotter. We arrived at the zoo at around 10:30am and stayed until 2:00pm. I’m not sure why I wore denim Capri pants, but it was a big mistake. I thought I was going to pass out at the kiddie beach. After the kiddie beach we left but only after I bought a Gatorade since water was doing very little to make me feel better.

Today’s venture just proves I need to be in better shape – lose weight and exercise more. It was a fun day and while the heat is tiring it shouldn’t wipe me out so much. We survived it though, August is usually the month we just stay inside. Now that I know I will not melt, we will have to get out more.

Book Festival Fun

A few weeks ago, we went to the San Antonio Book Festival. This is the second year for the book festival. I thought it might serve as inspiration to us all to see authors “living their dream.” My daughter’s favorite section was the kids fair where they had different crafts. One craft that I thought was especially cute and simple was the wish hangers(probably not the best name for them). Here let me show you what I mean:

Kids craft

The kids could choose a shape like a star, cowboy boot, etc. Then using a template they would cute the shape out of a piece of construction paper. Then decorate it. On one side, you would write a wish. Some kids left theirs so that they would be displayed at the booth but kids could also take their creation with them. It was a simple yet pretty powerful craft. It was interesting to read what kids wished for.

The book festival was fun even if we didn’t arrive until it was almost over. Next year we will be more on top of things and arrive early.

New House

One of the perks of our new rental house located on a golf course – FREE golf balls!

It is fun to come home from a day of work to scout the incredibly small yard for golf balls. This one made it a little close to the home but it did make it easy to find.

The Alamo – Part Deux

This weekend we ventured to the Alamo again. It was much cooler weather than we went at the end of summer. Rae was much better and we actually saw the whole grounds this time.

Renting the self-guided audio tour devices was a great idea. Just put in the number and put the device up to your ear like a phone. Very clever and informative.

Such a magnificent site! It’s amazing to see this structure in the heart of San Antonio.

Rae enjoyed the squirrels. We don’t see many(if any) squirrels where we live so it was fun to see frolicking squirrels again.

The first weekend of the month is special at the Alamo. You can catch all kinds of demonstrations like the firing demonstration. As he was getting his gun ready, everyone else was getting their camera ready be it traditional camera, camera phone, or iPad!

Looking forward to our next trip to the Alamo. We definitely plan to check out the other missions in San Antonio, too. Finally we are feeling more confident getting around town and exploring – which is great since there is a lot to see.

Remember the Alamo

While we wait for my husband’s first paycheck from his new job, we are watching our spending pretty closely. But one free attraction – and probably the most well known – in San Antonio is the Alamo. We went on a Saturday – which was the first Saturday of the month – which is kind of a big deal there. They have special events on the grounds like an exhibit that shows how to make corn husk dolls – like they did in the old days. It was crowded and hot. But very lovely and inspiring. We will be going back when it is cooler.

It was a good day – although Rae was very impatient and whiny about a few things. Still now I know what I need to bring for a trip downtown – drinks, snacks for Rae; sunglasses for all; hats for all. We are going to go with friends in a few months – so it’s nice to at least have an introduction to Downtown San Antonio.