Memory Jar – 2013

One goal I did keep for 2013 was a memory jar. Take a jar and keep close to it strips of paper then during the year when something happens write down that memory. On New Year’s Eve, go through the jar of memories to remember all the fun things you did through the year.

We missed a few months but overall we captured a lot of memories plus it really seemed to motivate the family to do it again for 2014.

SO our goal for 2014 is to at least record double the memories we did for 2013.

Money Goals 2013

So my one and only New Year’s Resolution is No Excuses. This will cover a lot of areas so I’m hoping to eat healthier (instead of the excuse I have no time to prepare good meals) and save more money(instead of spending so much!).

Our money goals are simple – end the year with more than we have now. No real dollar amount but here are a few challenges we plan to do.

52 week money challenge

This is floating around Facebook. Basically each week you save the amount of the week of the year it is. So the first week you save a dollar, the second week $2 and so forth. At the end of the year you have over $1300. Since I wanted to put back money for Christmas, this will be a perfect way to save a little money each week and have a nice amount at the end of the year.

Another thing we are doing is putting $52/week into savings – my husband’s idea when I told him of the 52 week money challenge. But this money is just for savings.

One more way to save money is I want to save a percentage of my freelance money. I have been wanting to do this for a while but usually wind up spending it all before saving. So no more excuses. Savings first, then spending.

Let’s hope we can stick to our money goals!