Things I learn at work..

That are way more interesting than work. One tidbit from this past week is banana ice cream. No, it’s not ice cream with bananas. It is banana ice cream as in the banana is the ice cream. Apparently if you freeze bananas and then use your food processor to mush them up long enough, it can pass for ice cream. So right now I am freezing some bananas to try this later tonight. I feel so let down by the Internet as I use it everyday but never had I ran across this recipe before.

But before I do that, we are making sugar eggs. If it turns out halfway decent then I will do a blog post about it. If it turns out terrible I will do a blog post about it. Although if it turns out great then I will be very excited to share. I had one when I was a kid and loved it so am hoping daughter enjoys making one.


It’s been a quiet week. It seems spring is arriving so I’d say we have about two weeks to enjoy pleasant temperatures. I am surprised that our trees still have leaves on them since most seem to be all over the yard.

I did get a new phone. A Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s nice. Glad to be rid of the iPhone. I love my iPad and iPod but the iPhone just didn’t have what I needed in a phone. What I really wanted was a Windows 8 phone but will wait until more apps are available.

So that’s been about it. Nothing too exciting. I won’t bore you any longer and hopefully will have a good report this week about the sugar eggs.

Make Bananas Last Longer of my favorite foods. The thing about bananas is that they just do not last that long so when I saw a pin on Pinterest on using aluminum foil to make bananas last longer I had to try it. Here are the results:

Day One
You would expect day one results to be good.


Day Two

Not bad..


Day Three

Possibly slightly better than no foil bananas.


Day Four

Still looks good. Stop eating the bananas! But they are so good.


Day Five

The bananas made it to day five before they were all eaten.


I think that the foil helped but not sure it was a very noticeable difference. Our bananas usually last that long and are still not overripe. But at least now I know. I will just forego the foil when it comes to bananas.