180 day challenge

Today is January 1, 2014 – the day I start my own 180 day challenge. The challenge is to code learn graphic design each and every day. My goal is to learn coding as well as create a few apps. I have a master plan for the 180 day challenge with a task for each day. Most of the tasks are code oriented but there are a few that aren’t but will challenge me to move forward with some other goals.

Today’s challenge is to code an Advent calendar of household tips for my other blog Geeky Housewife. I plan to use javascript to make each day work when it is supposed to. So you can’t peek ahead. The rest of the coding will be in html. It probably won’t be that pretty but hopefully it will be done today.

I will be posting each challenge here before I begin and then a post after it is completed.

Updated 2nd day of challenge: I have realized in preparing for this challenge that what I really want to do is something more creative. Therefore I will spend the net 180 days learning, practicing graphic design. Then I will be able to evaluate if this is something I want to pursue further. If not then I may revisit my coding challenge.