No More Teachers No More Books…

Last Sunday was our last Youth Faith Formation Class for the year! Next year I have decided not to teach. It seems two years is my stint with teaching Sunday School. Before when I have taught, it has been a maximum of two years.

So I am excited because this gives us back our whole weekend. It is very hard to find a substitute since there are so few people who volunteer. Also these same people are involved with other church activities and might be committed to something else that weekend. I’m just glad to be done with it. Last year we did it because they really needed someone and it was Raegan’s class. This past year we did it because we had a good spring and wanted to do more with the class. But we only had two students – so depressing. The activities go by really fast and you have a lot of time left over. An hour and 15 minute class with four-year-olds seemed like three hours.

Also we will possibly be moving out of state this summer. It’s not a done deal but could be very likely. We will just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Right now I feel like I should be de-briefed from teaching Sunday School. It will sink in probably in a few weeks that we don’t have another lesson to teach. I will miss it some days but probably not enough to do it again – well at leave for a few years anyway.

What happens in Sunday School…

Our biggest challenge with teaching Sunday School is our small class. We have two pre-schoolers – both boys. They have different personalities. Most Sundays come and go without any trouble. The first part of the year one little boy barely spoke. I was wondering if he even spoke English(he is Vietnamese) But since Christmas, he has been talking more – and acting up more in class. The other little boy is a talker but always polite. This past Sunday we had a situation that I wasn’t sure how it would end.

It all started off innocent enough. Class began and we went through our lesson. As I was getting the craft ready, one little boy(the quiet one for the first part of the year) hits the other boy. It was in a playful manner but we just can’t let such things go. So my husband asks the little boy to apologize to the boy he hit. He refuses. What? You can’t apologize? Are you serious? How do we handle this? So after a few minutes my husband put him in time out. Then once that was over the little boy didn’t want to come out of time out and was quiet the rest of class. This behavior isn’t like him – so I’m chalking it up to something happening outside of class that we do not know about. He was playing when he hit as he has brothers and is likely they play rough. I think each week he gets more comfortable around us. I have seen him outside of Sunday School and he is pretty active -doesn’t like to sit still.

Or at least I hope next week is better. After this year, we are taking a break from teaching as we have killed the attendance for any class that we have ever taught. Last year we had two – that is including our daughter! When we taught high school, we would have three – five would be an almost full house.

So the Sunday School incident was enough to unnerve us but then our daughter was really defiant about attending church. Thank God for Children’s Church though. Next Sunday will hopefully be better. It seems some Sundays you can tell when the kids have had something sweet to eat for breakfast. Maybe that is what happened. What a terrible idea to give your kid a doughnut before they go to Sunday School to sit and listen for an hour. Just don’t do it. We don’t give your kids sweets right before you pick them up.

Only a few more weeks and we will be civilians again. No more Sunday School for a good long time.

Ash Wednesday

Today is the beginning of Lent – a time of reflection. I plan to use Lent to work on several things in my life – some being physical while others are spiritual. Some I thought on my own while others I’m borrowing ideas of others.

We own way too much stuff. It is everywhere and needs to be trimmed down. To attack it all at one time is completely overwhelming. I read about a woman who for Lent is planning to fill 40 garbage bags in 40 days of items to donate. I really love this idea and plan to do it myself. I had already decided to fill a couple of bags each week to donate. I will just do more. This week I am working on clothing and bedding.

For Lent, I also want to read 40 books of the Bible in 40 days. That may be a tall order especially since I’m not a big reader, but I want to give it a try. We also have a Lenten booklet that we plan to work through with our daughter. I really like that Lent is later this year. It has given me time to really think about what I want to work on.

Lenten Promises

Today is Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent.  It’s time to start those Lenten promises. Here are mine –

To say the Rosary more (trying everyday)

To read my Bible everyday

To be more charitable (with words and money)

Also I would like to take care of me more like exercising and eating healthy.  Also I want to plan my days better especially when it comes to writing. Hopefully I can be more productive and not feel so behind all the time.

This morning I plan to go for a walk and read the Bible before heading to Mass. It’s a new day and even though we are entering a solemn period, it’s so exciting to think about the coming spring and renewal of everything. This is when resolutions should be made because it seems so much is possible now that the weather is warmer and the sun is shining more.