Government Knows Best

The economic stimulus package or whatever it is being called these days reads more like a wish list of everything imaginable. This is not the answer to our problems. And I think it’s downright shameful that Obama is really pushing for this to be fast as soon as possible. The bill is like 700 pages. Lawmakers should at least have a few days to read over it and I mean lawmakers – not their aides but the guy/gal elected by the people to represent their best interest in our nation’s capitol.

Seriously if this massive spending package passes, it will just be more debt for our country. How long before America becomes a bad investment? What kind of world will my daughter grow up to face? It will be her and her children that will be paying for what our government thinks is best.

Our government is bound and determined to spend money we don’t have. Now how is that suppose to help anything long term? Put us further into debt? I’m not an economist but it seems to me that at some point we will have to pay the piper. Let’s work on reducing our debt and downsizing our government. That is bound to help us all.


Want to know if President Obama is keeping to his promises? PolitiFact is keeping a tally of how he is doing. It’s a great website that shows at-a-glance which promises are in the works, have been kept, broken, etc.

Who will we blame now?

Now that George Bush is no longer president, who can we blame for our woes? Or will he continue to be the fall guy for everything from the economy to gas prices to the flu. Is there any problem that is not his fault?

I agree that President Barack Obama’s presidency is historic. He has a lot on his plate. But are all of America’s problems Bush’s fault? Absolutely not.

Now many problems have come from Washington. People need to realize that not just one man makes the decisions that govern this country. If you want real change, then Washington and government needs an extreme makeover.

It just really irks me that people complain about Bush. I was hoping that this would die down once a new administration came into office but sadly I think the Bush bashing will continue from now on. Those Obama supporters/Bush haters should really listen to Obama and follow his lead. Move forward and change. Change starts with you. Rehashing how you hate and blame bush for all your woes during the past 8 years is not change.