Greeting Cards

Saturday I went to my great nephew’s two year birthday party. He shares a birthday with his grandfather who is my brother. Also my niece – my brother’s daughter and my great nephew’s Mom – had a birthday two days before. So that is three family birthdays in two days. I picked out my nephew a gift and got the other two a card.

My niece’s card was easy to pick out. I went to the niece section and found a card that complimented her that then complimented me. For example, you are so pretty, nice, and sweet but that is because you get it from me. Har har har. I love those types of cards. So her card was easy to find but my brother’s was a little more difficult.

At first I thought of going with a fart birthday card – you know a card that has something to do with farts. These are his favorite cards in fact he got me the same fart birthday card for my birthday two years in a row. The only fart joke card I could find was a thick card that had a fart poem that was eight pages long. EIGHT pages! Wow. I could finish my Steve Jobs book by the time it took me to finish reading and eight page poem on farts. Deciding that was way too much for a fart joke, I pressed on until I found a card.

The card I did choose was funny – it was funny on several levels so I felt compelled to write in the card the reasons I thought it was funny. I thought that would make it even funnier. I also did it in case he opened it when I wasn’t around. That way he would know why I chose it although it was pretty obvious why the card is funny.

I also picked out my nephew a card which he wasn’t nearly as excited as I was over it. It was Spongebob – whom he loves – singing Happy Birthday.

I will have a break from birthday card buying for the rest of the month but will have a few to buy in February. My other brother’s birthday is in March – so maybe I will find a better fart birthday card before then.