Old Skills Needing Updating

In the fall of 1998, I went back to college to study computer networking. I finished a two-year program where I learned a lot about computer networking with Novell Netware, some Windows NT, a little programming with Visual Basic, and some classes using the IBM’s AS/400. When I graduated, I felt confident that I had a good, solid start to any job. I was able to find a job and use my skills. Then I found another job and then I got pregnant(a glorious blessing). After the birth of my daughter, I stayed at home with her until she started Kindergarten. For almost a year now, I have been working.

Now I am ready to make another change and I am seeing that I cannot make a change until I update my skill set. This is where it gets tough – deciding which direction to go. Do I go back to school to learn or do it my own? I think I will compromise and learn online. I won’t be going for a degree but there are so many websites with good information either for free or a nominal price. It will take me longer to do it this way since I have to overcome my procrastination tendencies. That is one good thing about school – it helps you keep a steady pace.

It is frustrating to know a lot but that the knowledge is so dated it’s really useless. This shows me that you should never stop learning. Hopefully I can regain my collegiate learning ability on my own. It will be cheaper and work better with my schedule. If I take too long, then I may have to go back just for the discipline.