Facebook Appropriateness

Conversation with my daughter in the McDonald’s playground bathroom

Me: Oh look Rae! They have a small commode just for kids. You should use that one.

Rae begins to use the bathoom. I continue to speak. See look how cute!

Rae Take my picture

I take picture with camera and then show it to her.

Rae Don’t put that on Facebook

Me Oh I’m not putting that on Facebook..I don’t put everything on Facebook..this is going on the blog..(heh..I didn’t actually say the last part..I just thought it really loudly..)

Rae is six and a half years old. She has definitely reached that age where I can’t (or am asked!) not to share everything about her life with the Internet-at-large. It’s bittersweet because on one hand she is growing up and that’s great to see her develop into her own person. It’s sad because I’ve lost a lot of my blogging material.

At least some things she still does she wants me to put in Facebook. Still there seems to be more and more that she wants to keep private. Guess I will need to read a book or something for new material.