The Summer List 2012 Edition

Last year, we made a summer list of all the stuff that Raegan wanted to do. Here is the list and I will comment on what we did and didn’t do –
Inspired by Amy at Mom, I thought this year we would make a summer list. This will be all the activities that Rae wants to do over the summer. This will be her last summer before she starts school in the fall. Here is the list so far. All of these are Rae’s ideas.

1. Play, Play, Play (check)
2. Plant Flowers (check)
3. Play racquetball outside
4. Call me Princess everyday (well it doesn’t have to be everyday)
5. Let Shally(our cat) comes inside and give her a toy mouse (check)
6. Eat some snacks together (check)
7. Go to the Audubon Zoo (Check!)
8. Meet the Wild Kratts
9. Try to catch caterpillars and then set them in free in the wild (inspired by her Wild Kratts thought with that last statement)
10. Crochet some toys for kids without any money
11. Play games (check)
12. Give Pandi (imaginary panda) some bamboo juice
13. Play some more
14. Make up a song
15. Collect some rocks
16. Start a unicorn collection (check!)
17. Watch Wild Kratts (check)
18. Collect worms
19. Play games on the computer (check!)
20. Go to park and have a picnic

While there were a few items we didn’t get to, this year we hope to do better. Since last year I let Rae make the list, this year it is my turn. So here is my list.

1. Go to the Beach
2. Stay at a hotel for two nights
3. Go camping
4. Go to free art class at the museum
5. Go to library and join the summer reading book club
6. Go swimming a lot
7. Go to waterpark at least once
8. Do some crafts together
9. Play board games
10. Go to movies at least twice (Half done! Saw Madagascar 3)
11. Ride bikes on the bike trail
12. Go to both Children’s museum in our state
13. Visit the natural science museum
14. Play in the park
15. Go to Audubon Zoo

I will add more to the list as I think of things. We are planning to have a great summer.