The Summer that Wasn’t..

Ah, so many plans for this summer and none are coming true! I blame my husband as he has taken another job out of state. We move later this month – so we have been saving money for the move and packing. The good news is we are moving to a great city with lots to do – plus school won’t start until the third week of August giving us about a month to have our summer fun.

We will still be in cheap mode since we will be waiting for the new paychecks from the new job. I’m planning now by spending as little as possible and saving my freelance money. The good news is that when we get moved, there will be plenty to do and some of it will be on the cheap. I really want to start a blog about moving and our journey but also really don’t. Maybe I make a Tumblr account and chronicle our adventure in pictures. Or maybe I could just blog about it on one (or all) of my existing blogs.